Japanese Advance Between 1941 -1942

  • Japanese Landing in Malaya

    Japanese take 70 days to destroy the British forces in Malaya and Singapore
  • Period: to

    Japanese Advance

  • Attack On Timor

    Australian and Dutch troops resist Japanese attack on Timor until the 23rd of February when 1000 men were forceed to surrender. The ramaining men fought a geurilla war against Japanese in East Timor until the end of 1942.
  • Contact

    The first contact between Australian and Japanese forces was on a bridge in Gemas in Malaya. Eighty-one Australians were killed or wounded and it was believed a thousand Japanese troops were killed within 2 days.
  • Japanese Capture of Rabaul

    Japan captures Rabaul, the capitol of Australian controlled New Guinea
  • Japanese Attack Port Moresby

    Japanese aircrafts attack Port Moresby for months on end. In the Battle of the Coral Sea a Japanese invasion on Port Moresby was beginning, but retreated in the face of an Australian naval group in the Jombard Passage and an unsuccessful air battle with Americans. Later they tried again to take Port Moresby via the Kokoda trail but were defeated.
  • Japanese Capture of Ambon

    Australian and Dutch forces surrender on the island of Ambon in Indonesia
  • Sea Battles of Java

    Java became a scene of naval battles. HMAS Perth was lost in the Battle of the Sunda Strait and while men were currently in Java 3000 were captured by the Japanese.
  • Japans Control

    Japan has conquered Malaya, Netherlands East Indies, Most islands above PNG and some coastal areas around PNG.