• Feb 28, 1485

    Birth (personal)

    Birth (personal)
    Donnacona was born in the village of Stadacona, where he resided for most of his life and was chief for an amount of time.
  • Period: Feb 28, 1485 to May 14, 1539

    Life And Times Of Donnacona

    This goes through the Personal life and Historical life of Donnacona -BY YASHASAVI SACHAR 78A
  • Mar 23, 1500

    The Dream (Personal)

    While Asleep, Donnacona had a blurry dream of him meeting a white sheep, who once lost it’s coat, had turned into a vile monster. He never understood this warning from the spirits: “never judge a man by his words, but his actions”, until his untimely demise
  • Jul 11, 1534

    First Encounter (Historical)

    The First Encounter from a Iroquois and Frenchman happened between Cheif Donnacona and the French Exploreer Jaques Cartier, in which Jaques errected the cross, which sent bad vibes to the Iroquois
  • Jul 25, 1534

    Captured (Historical)

    After trying to spy and ambush the frenchman later that month, a group of men from the Iroquois were captured, and brought on the ship, where they had a great feast. After which, Jaques Cartier presuaded Donnacona to let 2 of his sons go on an expedition with Jaques Cartier reluctantly. Donnacona, knowing the ways of hostage, could only hope for the return of his two sons, Domagaya and Taignoagya
  • Sep 19, 1534

    "Kanata" (Historical)

    Cartier once asked what they called their land, to which Donnacona responded: “Kanata” or “village” in Iroquois. After this, on all Cartier’s maps, the area was named Kanata, which later go turned in to Canada
  • Sep 10, 1535

    Arrival Once Again (Historical & Personal)

    In 1535, Jaques arrived with Donnacona’s son’s, who had filled his mind with stories of the riches of this area. Due to his greed, he had decided to return in hope of the riches. Although Donnacona was relieved, his uncertainty grew great and his trust for the French was shaken.
  • Dec 22, 1535

    Cure For Scurvy (Historical)

    Weakened by the scurvy, Jaques crew was forced to swallow their ego, and ask the Iroquois for help, they gave a drink of white-cedar bark and hot water, which was a historical secret, after which scurvy was cured for French travelers
  • Jul 16, 1536

    Kidnap (personal)

    The Distrust had become severe between both sides, which led to an ambush from the Iroquois, which caused a capture of Donnacona and 10 other tribesmen, who were sent with Cartier back to France.
  • Aug 22, 1536

    New Assignment for Cartier

    Upon Arriving in France, Donnacona told King Francois the 1st of the great riches of his land, which led to many more expeditions of the North American continent, although he was never able to go back, but many more expeditions happened because of this.
  • May 22, 1539

    Death (Personal)

    Death (Personal)
    After being baptized and brought to France, Donnacona lived at the king’s expense, never returning to his home. After his death, none of the other Iroquois survived, except for a 10 year old girl. In the end, he died as a Baptisized christian, never to go back to is homeland.