Edward Tulanes Time Line

  • Lived with Abilene.

    and her sister is coming to see Edward
  • Trip on a ship.

    The queen maeree and werd kids theru Edward ofer bord
  • Edward got throne overboard

    by werd kids and thae are mean
  • Under the ocean for 297 days.

    by the mean kids
  • Fsher men fnond him.

    and the fisher men found Edward in a net
  • His name got changed.

    Edwards name got changed to jangiles
  • Her sister is coming.

    to see Edward and what he looks like and hse colid her to come over
  • Lolly took him dump

     Lolly took him dump
    from where the dumster and Lolly took Edward to a hoboand Looy is a dog
  • He ternd into a scarcrow.

    He ternd into a scarcrow.
    by hoo a he wishid
  • Bryc took him to his sisters.

    Bryc took him to his sisters.
  • bryct to a store and asket for food.

  • He had got hert by the chef

  • Fixed by doll a mender

  • Edwerd stoped loving because he lost them

  • 5 year old girl picked up Edward the girls name was Abilene