Louis Armstrong by Danielle E.

By mrst
  • Louis Armstrong's jail time

    Louis Armsrtong got arrested and was sent to Waif's Home for a year's discipline because he shout of an old"38."
  • Louis Armstrong's music life

    When Louis Armstrong was playing in Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, he meant a woman who played the piano named Lilian Hardin and she so becan his wife.
  • Louis Armstrong's personal life

    When Louis was 5 years old, he lived with his mother and grandmother because his dad left after the separation.
  • Louis Armstrong's Birth

    Louis Armstrong's Birth
    He was born August 4, 1901. He was born in New Orleans,LA.
  • Louis Armstrong's first recording

    Louis Armstrong's first recording
    Lousi Armsrtong was the best american jazz musican. His first popular song was "Hot Chocolates." The music of the Hot Five and Hot Seven, was the most critics to the finest recordingin jazz history.
  • Louis Armstrong's Death

    Louis Armstrong's Death
    He died July 6, 1971. He died in New York City. He died of a heart failure.
  • Louis Armstrong's Rewards

    Louis Armstrong's Rewards
    He recived a trophy from Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington. He got a trophy for being the greatest jazz musican in the world.