Martin Luther King Jr.'s life.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. is born

    Martin Luther King Jr, was born. His first name was Michael but later had his name changed to Martin.
  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Period: to

    Impact on the World.

  • The B.A award

    He earned and recieved his B.A degree from Morehouse college.
  • Became president of a predominatly white senior class.

    After 3 years of theologicalstudy at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. he was awarded the B.D award.
  • The digree for the Doctor of Philosophy

    Martin earned his university digree for Doctor of philosophy.
  • Accepted leadership as the first Negro nonviolent demonstartion.

    Martin accepted leadership as the first Negro nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the U.S.A. The bus boycott described by Gunnar John lasted 382 days.
  • Somebody is married

    Martin Luther King Jr. got married
  • Until his death he was a co-pastor

    His father was a pastor at his church. This was where he learned how to "speak."
  • I Have A Dream

    Martin Luther King Jr. Made his most famous speach I Have A Dream.
  • Nobel Peace Prize

    Martin Luther King Jr. became the worlds youngest Nobel Peace Award winner.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. died

    Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and was at the age of 39. He died on the balcony of his hotel room on the balcony, at theLorraine Hotel, right before his big speach. He got shot on his right cheech. After his optopsy they found that he was 39 and had the heart of a 66 year old. They said he may have been depressed since the age of 13,
  • Obama becomes president.

    This proves that african-americans do have rights and no one did judge Obama when he became president, also he is the very first african-american president
  • Look at the World Now

    The world is at peace................ well mostly. Raceism is almost over except for a few people. Matrin Luther King Jr. was a great man and one of the greatest person in history. He helped so many people in his life and he got assasined. :(
  • He proved something.

    he proved that no matter what colour you are our world is beautiful without racism.