Key Events Leading to American Independence

  • Stamp Act Congress

    Stamp Act Congress
    A congress meeting that help list all the grievances by the colonist and passed the Stamp Act. The two main issues that were discussed at this secret meeting was trial by Jury and a right of self taxation.
  • The Townshend Acts

    The Townshend Acts
    The Townshend Acts was created to higher the income in the colonies for payroll for the governors and judges so that they would be independent of colonial control.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    This was an event that led to the death of five civilians by the British troops. This was a tense situation because of the presence of the British military in Boston. Heating the moment up between the soldiers and civilians that eventually led to troops firing their guns after being attacked by a mass crowd. Three civilians were killed on spot, and two died after the incident.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    Boston officials refused to return the ships of taxed tea to Britain, therefore a group of colonists dressed as Indians got onto the ships and destroyed the tea by throwing it into the Boston Harbor.
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    A meeting held between twelve states mainly discussing the boycotting agents the British.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    It was a meeting between the thirteen colonies managing the colonial war effort, and moved slowly towards adopting the Declaration of Independence.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    This document stated that the thirteen colonies were independent from the Britain Empire, written by Thomas Jefferson.
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    This was the first constitution for the United States thats stated the joining of the thirteen colonies, later it was replaced by the United States Constitution.
  • The Treaty of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris
    This treaty ended the American revolution between the United States and Great Britain.