Independent reading project

  • #1

    This image represtents Troys favortie football team. This event is important because this is when he introduces his favorite football team. He knows everything about them. Also every player.
  • #2

    This picture represents Troy and Jamies rivalry. The Cowboys are Jamies team and the Falcons are Troys team. The winnier of the bet gets an autographed football.
  • #3

    This image represents Troy tackleing jamie. In football practice, They were all tackleing each other. Troy hit Jamie so hard he hit the ground whezzing. He then had to run laps.
  • #4

    This image represents Troy when he stole a football. He lost his bet to Jamie and he snuck into Seth Hallways backyard. He had them laying all over because he's on the team. He also wanted to show it off.
  • #5

    This picture represents Troys mom yelling. When she found out Troy took the football she was really mad. She couldn't beleive her son accutally stole something. He could have gotton her fired.
  • #6

    This picture represents Troy at his first football game. he was very excited. His mom got him front row seatsmat the Falcons stadium. He couldn't wait to see the Falcons beat the Cowboys.
  • #7

    The mad guy represents the coach yelling at his team. They were losing so he got really mad. He was yelling at everyone. He was stomping and throwing things. Beind very very rude.
  • #8

    This picture of the couple kissing represents Seth and Troys mom. Seth really likes Troys mom and goes on dates and stuff all the time with her. He likes her and Troy.
  • #9

    This picture represents the look on Troys face when he won the game for the Falcons. Troy has this magic power some say, that tells him what the offense is gona run next. He told Seth these plays and then they won the game!
  • #10

    This shows the final event. Troys football coach quit and Seth replacd him. He let Troy be the quaterback. He heived a throw super far and he hit the open reciever down the feild for a 50 yard pass. Troy was gona be famous.