Cassette tape

Th1rt3en Reasons Why

  • Day number 1

    Day number 1
    Cam Jensen returns home from school, and finds the cassette tapes on his front porch. He also listens to tape numbers 1, 2, and 3 while sitting in his basement. Cam ends the day at Rosie's cafe finishing up the 4th tape.
  • Day number 2

    Day number 2
    Cam listens to the tape of Hannah talking about her peeping tom, Tyler. She tells the story of finding out, and how she is outside his window while recording the tapes. He then listens about Hannah's friend and how she ditched her at the party. In detail these tapes describe why Hannah called herself.
  • Dany number 3

    Dany number 3
    Sitting on the curb, Cam, finds out how he was involved in the death of Hannah Baker. He was involved because he cared for her. At the party Hannah was invited to they ended up in the same room, and not only did he not take advantage of her "tipsy" self, but he consoled her. He found out that he was involved, because he cared.
  • Final Day

    Final Day
    Cam passes the tapes on to the the next person in hopes that he can get everything that had just happened out of his head.