2L Weaver Cold War

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    NATO and Warsaw Pact

    Stalin had two goals in Eastern Europe, First he wanted to spread communism in the area. Second was he wanted to create a buffer zone of friendly governments as a defense against Germany. On March 12, 1947 a policy known as the Truman Doctrine was made which limited communism to the areas already under Soviet control.The Marshall plan was to strengthen democratic governments.
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    Cold War

  • Germany's Surrender

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    Korean war

  • Truman Doctrine created

    Truman Doctrine created
  • Soviet communist governments in Europe

  • Soviet Union's bomb

  • NATO was set up

  • Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons

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    Nuclear arms race

    By 1949, the Soviet Union built nuclear weapons, by 1953, the United States and the Soviet Union had developed hydrogen bombs. In 1969, the United States and the Soviet Union Used the SALT to limit the number of nuclear weapons held by each side. In 1972 and 1979, both sides signed agreements setting these limits. During the 1980's Ronald Reagan launched a program to build a "Star Wars" missile defense against nuclear attacks. In 1991, the United States and Soviet Union signed the START treaty.
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    Cuban missile crisis

    In the 1950's Fidel Castro organized an armed rebellion against the dictator who ruled Cuba. By 1959, Castro had led his guerrilla army to victory. In 1961, John F. Kennedy supported the Bay of Pigs invasion. In 1962, the Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to Cuba. President Kennedy imposed a naval blockade that prevented further Soveit shipments.
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    Chinese war

    Mao's communists triumphed for several reasons. Mao had won the support of China's huge peasant population.
  • West Berlin & East Berlin split

  • Fidel Castro against Batisto

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    Berlin Wall

    Berlin was a key focus of Cold War tensions. The city was split into democratic West Berlin and Communist East Berlin. In the 1950's a massive exodus of low-paid East Germans, unhappy with communism, fled into West Berlin. To stop the East Germans from leaving they built a wall in 1961 that sealed off West Berlin. The Berlin Wall was a massive concrete barrier, topped with barb wire and patrolled by guards.
  • USA's first hydrogen bomb

  • Soviet Union tested the hydrogen bomb

    Soviet Union tested the hydrogen bomb
  • Warsaw Pact formed

    Warsaw Pact formed
  • Berlin Wall built

    Berlin Wall built
  • John F. Kennedy invasion attempt

  • Soviet Union sent nuclear missiles to Cuba

  • Nuclear Test ban treaty

  • Europe being split

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    Vietnam War

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    Eastern European Independence

  • Nixon negotiated the Paris Peace Accord

  • Soviets went to war with afghanistan

  • Soviet went to war with afghanistan

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    Afghan War

  • Gorbachev came to power

  • Collapse of Communism

  • START treaty