2B.McDermottDSC cold war

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    nuclear arms race and detente

    after the U.S. developed and detenated their atomic bomb many other countries wished to gain this power one of the first countries to acomplish this feat was the USSR soon after the arms race had began and the USA and the USSR were back and fourth in weapons .To try and slow the threat of nuclear attack the two countries had made several pacts and agreement these agreements led to the detente a time and period of relaxartion of tension and ease
  • NATO

    The North Atlantic Organization treaty is the military alliance that was set up in 1949. the U.S., Canada and most western european nations who agreed to protect eachother from communist spread
  • Conflict in Korea

    After ww2 korea was split in 2 one in commnist rule and the other democratic. When north korea attacks the south thye UN is forced to respond and send troops to aid south korea at the same time china sends troops the help the north as well. After many battles and teritory shifts both sides agreed on a DMZ in 1953 and the boundaries were back at the 38th parallel
  • Conflict in Vietnam

    after the french had left vietnam it was divided in to communist and non communist. the communist north being led by ho chi minh strart guerilla tactics against the south at first USA sent war adivisor soon after the fear of communism spreading led the USA to enter the war fully after years of fighting and no gains or losses the US backed out of the war due to pressure from home. 2yrs later after leaving the war the south was conqured and vietnam was reunited as a communist country
  • Chinese Civil War

    during china's civil war the communist side had won. With their new leader in charge Mao Zedong chinese society started to change. Zedong wanted to increase chinese farm and industrial production to accomplish this he came up with the plan the great leap forward. This consisted of communes which were several villages that all worked on the same land. The communes fail due to the fact of bad quality goods and no one wanting to work because of the lack of incentives
  • Berlin wall

    while democratic west berlin prospred communist east berlin did not so unhappy east berliners fled to west berlin. in hopes of stopping the massive flood of people from leaving, the east berlin government set up the berlin wall to stop people from leaving the city
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

    fidel castro organized a miltia to fight against the corrupt dictator cuba. after gaining control fidel turned to the USSR for support and turned cuba into a communist country. In the summer of 1962 the US learned the cubans had soviet nuclear missiles to stop anymore shipment the US imposed a naval blockade on cuba after a week of confrontaion khrushchev agreed to remove soviet missiles
  • Soviets in Afghanistan

    Soviet union became involved in a long war in afganistan, an islamic country south of the soviet union. soviets started batting mujahedins or muslim religious warriors. determined to have afghanistan become the soviets vietnam america supported the muslims by training them with stinger missiles. With yrs of heavy casualtys and moral low at home the soviet backed out of the war defeated