Curious incident

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime

  • 2: Wellington is murdered

    2: Wellington is murdered
    Christopher found Mrs. Shears dog murdered with a pitchfork through his belly. Christopher then pulled the fork out of the dog and held him. Then Mrs. Shears found Christopher out in her garden with Wellington and proceded to call the police. When the police arrive they questioned Christopher and he got upset and hit one of the officers.
  • 3: At the Police Station

    At the police station they locked him in a cell by himself and took everything that he had in his pockets. He said that he likes the police because they have uniforms and numbers. Christopher's father arrived 1:12 AM, but he did not see him until 1:28 AM. When father saw Christopher he spread his fingers into a fan to touch fingertips, this let him know that everything was ok.
  • 7: Christopher Wants to Write a Book

    Siobhan encouraged Christopher to write a book about something that he wants to read. He decides to write about the murder because it was a murder mystery novel.
  • 11: Christopher Talks about his Mother's Death

    Father told me after work one day, "I am afraid you will not be seeing your mother for a while, she needs rest and needs to be on her own." My mother died two weeks after father told me this. My mother died two years ago.
  • 13: Detective at Work

    Father told me to get my nose out of others buisness, but I had to find out who killed Wellington. Christopher made a map of the neighborhood, with numbers for each house. He then goes around questioning each house. He meets Mrs. Alexander, who was very helpful to him. Out of the detective work he finds that Mr. Shears is the prime suspect.
  • 17: The Talk With Father

    Father told Christopher five rules to remember. 1. Not to mention Mr. Shears name in our house. 2. Not to go asking Mrs. Shears about who killed that bloody dog. 3. Not to go asking anyone who killed that bloody dog. 4. Not to go trespassing in other people's gardens. 5. To stop this redicuolous bloody detective game.
  • 19: The Chat with Mrs. Alexander

    Because Christopher saw five red cars in a row it was a super good day, so Christopher was feeling brave when he saw Mrs. Alexander. He began talking to her and Mrs. Alexander accidently told Christopher that Mr. Shears left Mrs. Shears cause he was doing sex with his mother.
  • 23: The Book

    Christopher leaves the book he is writing on the table where his father finds it. The book includes the chat with Mrs. Alexander and all of his research in the case of Wellington. Father comes into the TV room and is very angry with Christopher. They have a fight and Christopher ended up scratched and bloody. Father throws the book away in the dust bin outside.
  • 29: Christopher Wants his Book Back

    While father was at work Christopher began searching in the dust bin and throughout the whole house leaving father's room for last. In father's room he finds a shirt box and opened it to find his book inside. He heard father's van pull in and this is when he found the envelopes with his name on them. He took one and hit it under is matress.
  • 31: Christopher Reads the Letter

    The letter was from mother, 18 months after she passed away.
  • 31: Six Days Later

    Six days later Christopher finds 4.3 letters all from mother. When he reads them he finds out why she left and also comes to the conclusion that mother is still alive. He becomes sick and his mind goes blank. His father finds him, cleans him up, and apologizes.
  • 37: The Discovery of the Death of Wellington

    37: The Discovery of the Death of Wellington
    Later that night Father tells Christopher that he killed Wellington.
  • 41: Weighing the Options...

    Christopher hides in the garden and realizes that he has five options: living with Mrs. Shears, going home, staying in the garden, going to live with Uncle Terry, or going to London to live iwth mother. The best and only option is going to live with mother.
  • 43: The Trip to London

    Christopher decides to go to London. He gets Toby, fathers cashpoint card, and his Swiss Army Knife and heads off to the Train Station. He arrives to the station and is trying to buy his ticket. A policeman stops to help him get from place to place. The policeman follows Christopher onto the train and attempts to get Christopher to go back to the police station to talk to his father. The train then starts moving with both of them on it.
  • 47: The Hidden Christopher

    On the train Christopher accidently wet himself a little, so the policeman instructs him to go the the bathroom. In the bathroom Christopher hides on a shelf where they keep the luggage. The policeman could not find him and got off the train on the next stop. Christopher rode the train until he got to London and had to get off.
  • 53: In London

    In London he gets instructions from a lot of people, including buying a map from someone. He rides the subway in which he fell in the pit (rescuing Toby) and was saved by a man in pinstips. Eventually he finds his way to mothers house, but noone was there.
  • 59: At Mother's House

    Mother welcomes Christopher with open arms, while Mr. Shears is disgusted by him being there. Mother finds out from Christopher that his father told him that she had been dead. Christopher stays here with them for a week before mother and him head back to Swindon to live in her "house".
  • 61: In the Old House

    When they arrive in Swindon, they stay in the old house for a while before father kicks them out. Christopher was able to take his A levels in class, which had previously been rescheduled. Father trys to aplogize to Christopher, but Christopher did not want to talk to him.
  • 67: The End of it All

    He got an A grade on his A Levels and is scheduled to take more A levels for the following years. He gets a dog from his father that is staying at his fathers house, he names it Sandy. He believes he can do anything because he solved the mystery and wrote a book.