William Bradford: The Puritin Legend

  • The Life of an American Writer

    The Life of an American Writer
    Did all the tragedy that happend to William Bradford, affect his writting?

    After William Bradford had gone through so much to receive the freedom to express the way he saw life, he was taken some of the things that matter most in his life. The person he loved and chosed to spend the rest of his life with had fallen or jumped off from a ship, and the people he build a civilization with left him in his time of need.
  • The Life of William Bradford Part II

    The Life of William Bradford Part II
    Although in his writting he doesnt express the agony he might of had felt for losing his wife, the lost of the civilization could of had released all of his sadness and anger in his writting
  • Mary Rowlandson

    Mary Rowlandson
    What was Mary Rowlandson impact toward being kidnap?
    Mary Rowlandson learn to understand how her kidnapper's life was. Not only did she had to spend eleven weeks and five days with them, but she also had to experience their way of living. Because they were to poor, they would eat any kind of bird that they found or even worst, any kind of wild animal that came their way. She learned to admire them although for an instant they were her enemies.