Shattering glass

Shattering Glass/Ford

By kford
  • Simon gets Teased

    Simon gets Teased
    Simon Glass is the lowest from being popular, he always gets teased and made fun of. Lance Ansley is the one who trips Simon and everyone joins in laughs and kicks around the pens and pencils that falls out of Simons pocket protector. But Rob Hanyes doesn't find it funny. he goes over to Simon and helps him pick up his suppiles.
  • Rob looks through yearbooks (Flashback)

    Rob looks through yearbooks (Flashback)
    When Young walks past the libary he see's Rob looking through yearbooks. He goes walks into the libary and asks him why he is looking in the yearbooks? He says he is looking at the popular kids through the years. It's for Simon Glass because he wants to make him popular.
  • Rob tries to becomes friends with Simon

    Rob tries to becomes friends with Simon
    When Rob and his friends (Bobster, Young, and Coop) are at lunch they try to become friends with Simon. But Simon thinks there is a catch. Rob says that there is no catch. Simon still doesn't believe him.
  • Simon changes Young's schedule

    Simon changes Young's schedule
    When Young's father told him he had to drop Creative Writing and change to Advanced Biologly, Young didn't agree. But his father makes him. Young's father makes him do this because he want's him to be in the Medical Field. So when Young tells Simon, he says he can change his schedule by secretly getting the password from the consular. After he gets the password he goes into the computer and changes his schedule to make it look like he is taking Advanced Biologly.
  • Homecoming!

    When Homecomng comes around everyone is talking about it. The night of Homecoming, they all pick Homecoming King and Queen, Simon Glass is their mascot, The Wolverine, he comes out and puts the crown on Blair's head. Then, he takes his head off and bends her over and kisses her!! After that, Rob (King) lets Simon dance with her! As Young put it "It was magic all right. Pure magic."
  • Symbolism: Binoculars

    Symbolism: Binoculars
    The binoculars would be a good symbol because Young wants to spy on Ronna and Simon to see what they do and maybe how Ronna acts toward Simon. Young thinks Simon will ask Ronna out to the Favorite's Dance. But he has his doubts.
  • Level of Questions

    Level of Questions
    LEVEL 2: Why does Simon and Young go to Rob's old house with pizza? Answer: They want to find out if Rob's family still lives there or not.
    LEVEL 3: How does this book teach a lesson?
    Answer: This book teach us that you shouldn't take advantage of other people. Like Rob, he tries to take advantage of Simon so that he could get more popular and more liked by other people.
  • Rob and friends take Simon shopping

    Rob and friends take Simon shopping
    While Rob is making friends with Simon, they decide to take Simon shopping for new clothes, haircut, and shoes. Using Simon's credit card they get him everyhing he needs to look in style. He get's a new haircut and get's new clothes. Afterwards he looks in style.