2012-2050 --- Prefered Future

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    2012-2050 --- Preferable Future

  • New methods of alternative energy being used

    After a few meetings, the UN has decided to erect a number of wind farms around the world as alternative sources of energy. Several of these wind farms are large and are floating in the ocean. This gives them the advanatage of collecting ocean breeze, with no obstructions.
  • Solar Panel Mass Production!

    With the recent technological breakthrough of silcon farming, creation of pholtovoltaic cells for production of solar panels has seen a huge breakthrough in production and a huge decrease in cost. "This is a new era of sustanable energy" says Dr. Stuart Wenham of Suntech solar panels.
  • Biofuel centers constructed

    The much anticipated and waited for Greenfields biofuel center has finally been unleashed. These buildings are strategically placed in all major cities. These centers will happily accept all sorts of waste food and any other biodegradable product. As wasted food is very common and no one likes having to find a way to get rid of them, this is an ideal solution, while also creating new biofuel.
  • Wind farms Prosper

    Following the initial development of several wind farms located throughout the world a few decades ago, it has been decided that the energy that they are producing can be massively increased. Wind farms are now being planted in large, open areas throughout the world. There is only one restriction. Do not destroy any trees or wild life habitats which are living in any place to create the wind farm. Thus, Wind farm platforms in the ocean are very popular.
  • Transportation Breakthrough Part II

    (Continued from previous point)
    For added safety precautions, the plane has been fitted with solar panels on the wings and top of the plane for emergency energy supply. As a last resort, its mighty engines can be used to run biofuel, which can give the plane enough energy to make a peaceful emergency landing, rather than a crash landing. This new type of transport will revolutionize internation and domestic travel alike.
  • New Transportation Breakthrough Part I

    History has been made as the new Boeing GeoJet has taken flight. This new airplane is a clear message of conservative technology and an engineering marvel. When it was first planned out in 1937, few thought that it was possible to create. Harnessing the power of geothermal energy to fuel its massive engines, it has requries absolutely no fuel, and requires charging in the airfield instead.
  • The Mighty Makeover

    17 October, 2050. It has been declared that all vehicles must be fitted with a newly developed exhaust pipe, which renders and filters the waste smoke into a harmless water vapour and releases it into the air. This is an engineering marvel and is simple and easy to use. This would be removing nearly all of the air pollution from populated urban cities.