• William Clark- DA

    William Clark- DA
    William Clark was an explorer. He explored the west for farming an landscape. He started his expidition in 1803. He explored the Missisipy river. He made friends with Meriwether Lewis to help him explore. He also had a team of 33 men. After the expidition he then died in 1838. And the cause of death is unknown.
  • meriweather lewis

    meriweather lewis
    He had spent his childhood life in the wildness and progressing a love of hunting and exploring. Lewis father was an officer in the american revolution. Lewis father died when lewis lewis is five years old. For a long time he lived in georgia when his mother had a second husband.
  • Andrew Jackson (1776)- SW

    Andrew Jackson (1776)- SW
    Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 in Waxhaws. and he died of a heat exhaustion.Andrew Jackson's father died before he was born later on in Andrew jackson mother got ill later on in his life and also died. At the age of 13 Andrew jackson was an orphan. When Andrew jackson was a little boy he and his mother live in Caw Ford. Andrew jackson was a president in the USA. Andrew jackson destroyed the national banking system of the US. Andrew jackson disagreed with national banking. Andrew jackson was a d
  • Interchangeable Parts- DA

    Interchangeable Parts- DA
    Before the interchangeable Parts, manufacturing was difficult. During the interchangeable Parts, a man named Eli Whitney created the interchangeable Parts. Their main purpose was to make manufacturing easier. After the interchangeable Parts, a lot of people caught on to the idea and revolutionized manufacturing forever
  • Steamboats 1807 EF

    Steamboats 1807 EF
    Before Steamboats came along travel down the Atlantic coast was difficult. In 1807 the first Steamboat, built by Fulton went down the Hudson River carrying people from New York City to Albany and back. Steamboats made travel easier. It gave farmers and merchants an easier and cheaper way of spending their goods. Eventually they made flat bottom Steamboats that carry heavy stuff and didn’t get stuck on sand bars.
  • National Road- DA

    National Road- DA
    Before the National Road, explorers wanted to explore and seattle. This was happening because the lack of land. Between 1811-1834 the national road was built and paid for by the federal government. That road is still being used today. Back then it helped them get from place to place. After the national road, a lot of people were able to get to their houses and farms. But then they started using trains.
  • war of 1812

    war of 1812
    United states is a developing nation. 20 years had went by since the end of american revolution Louisiana purchase of 1803 had a lot of territory. The westward expansion created tensions with the native american. The united states still was a very young nation. Revolution ended about 30 years. British navy had a very hard time guard the ships. They had to fight against napoleon. It was population war. a lot of new settlers went into canada. A lot of people refused from united states did not want
  • Sewing Machine (1829) sw

    Sewing Machine (1829) sw
    The invention of the sewing machine occurred in 1829. Elias Howe was the inventor of the sewing machine. Elias Howe sewing machine was a big time saver for people. The sewing machine cut the time down from 14 hours for a person sewing by hand to one hour using the machine. The electric sewing machine was something to get used to because it had power and it was fast.
  • Indian Removal Act (1830) EF

     Indian Removal Act (1830) EF
    The Indians lived on Cherokee land and the white people wanted their land. President Jackson agree that the Indians need to leave. The congress supported the Indian Removal Act of 1830 which meant that they were forced to move. The white people took their land and gave them land on existing borders. Most Indians fought this move and many died. This moved became known the “Trail of tears”.
  • mechanical reaper

    Robert Mccormick a virginia farmer and blacksmith tried to invent the reaper. Its son cyrus was alive to pelant build and test the reaper when his father desing failed in 1831. The mechanical reaper automatically cut, threaded and bundled grain while being pulled through a field by home. Mccormick spent years making improvement. the inventions of reaper helped farmers to more than double their crop sizes. there was a fire in 1871 and their was a fire that burned at 13 Dekoven street. About 300 p
  • mechanical reaper

    mechanical reaper
    About 300 people died and 100,000 were homeless 200 million yard was destroyed.
  • Nat Turner Rebellion (1831) EF

    Nat Turner Rebellion (1831) EF
    Nat Turner was born a slave in Southampton county Virginia. Nat Turner got a group of others together to try to be free. This lead to a rebellion known as the “Southampton Insurrection. They wanted to be free from their white owners. This lead to the death of more than 160 people.
  • Oregon trail (1843) sw

    Oregon trail (1843) sw
    The pioneers wanted to travel to salt lake city because it was a california gold rush the pioneers wanted in on the gold. 296.000 pioneer traveled to salt lake city 10% of the people died on the oregon trail. the pioneers had to travel west 15 miles a day.some people traveled by horse and wagon. the reason the the pioneers built the Oregon trail was to get back and forth to the california salt lake city.
  • Alexander Graham Bell (1847) EF

    Alexander Graham Bell (1847) EF
    Bell’s mother homeschool him until high school. However he dropped out school but he still learned a lot about science. His father encouraged him to continue his experiments on
    speech. He worked in a private school for the deaf.
    Alexander Bell was known for inventing the telephone March 3, 1876. One year later Alexander Graham Bell has his own company called The