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  • Human Genome Project

    An international scientific research project with a primary goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up DNA, and of identifying the genes of the human genome from a functional standpoint.
  • End of Cold War

    Soviet union dissolves 1991, East and West Germany Reunification, Berlin War Torn down
  • Internet

  • Gulf War

    First Iraq invaded neighbor country of Kuwait of its oil, USA liberated Kuwait from Saddam Huessian's control. The US built up a coalation of countries to support their counterattacks to repel Saddam's forces from Kuwait. War was a resounding success and popular.
  • Rodney King Riots

    LA riots break out in LA after police were acquitted even after incriminating video evidence was turned over. One of the largest riots in American history.
  • Bosnian Crisis

    When Austria-Hungary annexed Bosni due to Cold War tensions.
  • Election of 1992

    Incumbent Republican George H.W. Bush vs. Democratic challengers Clinton and Al Gore . Bob Perot costs Bush the victory by getting votes from republican who would otherwise vote for Bush. Perot recieved the most votes for an independent candidate.
  • Brady Bill

    1993 instituted federal background checks on firearm purchasers. Named after Jim Brady who was shot during the assassination attempt on Reagan. He had gotten his firearm after illegally providing false information to a pawn shot in Texas.
  • Somalia Intervention

    UN and US intervention into the poverty-stricken, civil war nation of Somalia. Original mission was to provide aid to citizens, became a raid to capture a warlord. Mission was a failure after soldiers stranded in enemy infested territory.
  • Waco Crisis

    Aman claimed as Jesus had a holdup with the government aafter they built up firearms and reports of child abuse. The government burned down the stronghold and the followers of the faker lit themselves on fire.
  • Whitewater investigation

    The name of the shady land deal that the Clintons were involved in. First of many scandals that linked the Clinton's with some shady actions.
  • Rwanda Civil War

    Rwandian genocide with thousands of people dead as a result.
  • Mandela Becomes President

    After being freed from jail, Mandela becomes president of South Africa.
  • South American Apartheid

    Year of multi generational democratic elections, the cultivation of the end of South American Aparteid. Negotiations of the and of apartied resulted in the peaceful elections.
  • OJ Simpson Arrest

  • Contract with America

    A republican backed program that favored 10 conservative changes to the U.S. gov. by Gingrich. Gingrich attempted to institute changes. He was attempting to combat Clinton's more liberal moves.
  • Clinton Health Care Reform of 1993

  • NAFTA formed

    The North America Free Trade Agreement was a trade agreement to eliminate trade tariffs and promote free trade between US, Mexico and Canada. Upside: Good for trade. Downside: Sends jobs overseas.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    The Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist bomb attack on the Alfred Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City. Truck bombing worst behind 9/11. Unlike what most thought, terrorist was thought to be a foreign agent. Reality was the bomber was a citizen of the USA.
  • OJ Simpson Trial

    Trial investigating the deaths of his ex-wife and friend. He was acquitted after defense team raised doubt that the DNA was mishandled and misconduct.
  • Dayton Peace Accords

    peace treaty that was signed between Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Ended skirmishes in Yugoslavia and officially ended.
  • Windows 95 Unvieling


  • Election of 1996

    Incumbent Democrats Clinton and Al Gore vs. Republican challenger Bob Dole. Bob Perot costs Bush the victory by getting votes from republican who would otherwise vote for Bush.
  • Election of 1996

    Incumbent Democrats Clinton and Al Gore vs. Republican challenger Bob Dole. Bob Perot costs Dole the victory by getting votes from republican who would otherwise vote for Dole.
  • Kosovo Intervention

    Armed conflicts in Kosovo province, then part of FR Yugoslavia.A There was an armed conflict initiated by the "Kosovo Liberation Army" against the Serbian Police and Army. NATO backed the KLA.
  • Columbine School Shooting

    After snior students shot 12 and injured 21 at their High School, they commited suicide. They left the nation reeling from surprise and in grief.
  • Clinton Acquitted

    Clinton was acquited by the Senate on counts of perjury and obstruction of justice.
  • NATO bombs Serbia

    Serbia and Kosavo Conflict. Nato launches a 78 day bombing offensive to fight Serbian forces attacking the Kosovo section. Serbians accpeted peacekeepers from NATO after the bombing and defeat.
  • Return of Panama Canal

    As a gift, the Panama Canal is returned to the Panamanians as a sign of friendship
  • Hubble Telescope

    Success after failure. Mirror was flawed. After servicing missions, telescope worked perfectly. Used for research and to relay breath taking photos of the galaxy back to Earth.