1940s - 6th hour

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  • Music: Duke Ellington

    Music: Duke Ellington
    In 1940, jazz legend Duke Ellington began his career playing jazz. He is best rememberd for over 3,000 songs he composed.
  • Fashion: the creation of platform shoes

    Fashion: the creation of platform shoes
    During the early 40's men wanted to be taller and more physical. So designers created a shoe that made a man looked taller.
  • Sports: Ted Williams

    Ted Williams was a great baseball player of the 1940s and he had a batting average of .406 in 1941. Ted was drafted into the Air Force and flew as a pilot in World War II
  • Sci + Tech: Penicillin

    Sci + Tech: Penicillin
    In 1941 penicillin was first sucessfully used to treat bacterial infection. American army medics would soon find this a useful tool when facing numbers of wounded soldiers.
  • World Events:Pearl Habor

    World Events:Pearl Habor
    It was a Japanese suprise attack on the American naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. The attack sent the U.S. into World War Two. The amount of U.S. men killed was 2,402 and 1,282 wounded, and the amount of the Japanese men killed or wounded was 65.
  • Sports: Joe Louis

    Sports: Joe Louis
    Joe Louis sucessfully defended his world heavyweight title in 1942 against Jersey Joe Walcott. He also enlisted for World War II and donated $100 to the war relief.
  • Fashion: the decrease of the height of heels

    Fashion: the decrease of the height of heels
    Before the war americans could wear heels over one inch tall but with threat of air raid the government made the law that made heels one inch or lower so that americans could get to air raid shelters easier
  • Music: Bing Crosby

    Music: Bing Crosby
    Bing Crosby began singing in 1942 and he became a famous singer and actor. He won an Academy Award in 1944.
  • Fashion: The creation of the kangaroo cloak

    Fashion: The creation of the kangaroo cloak
    The united states relized that they could get bombed so they asked fashion designers to create a cloak that could carry supplies.
  • World Events:Battle of Midway

    World Events:Battle of Midway
    The Battle of Midway was the most important battle of the pacific campaign duringWorld War Two. The U.S. turned the tables on Japan when they broke into the main naval code JN-25. The U.S. then created an ambush on the Japanese themselves. Lasted June 4th through the 7th.
  • Music: Frank Sinatra

    Music: Frank Sinatra
    In 1942 famous singer Frank Sinatra began his solo singing career. In his life he sang and acted in movies.
  • Entertainment: The disney boom

    Entertainment: The disney boom
    Walt Disney was a cartoonist that was hired by the government to create cartoons to be used as propaganda.
  • World Events: Bombing of German(Operation point Blank)

    World Events: Bombing of German(Operation point Blank)
    The intention of the bombing was to "impose heavy loss on german day fighter forces and keep fighter forces away from the Russian and Mediterranean theaters of war." The goal was to destroy german military, industrial and economic system and the undermining of the morale of german people to a point where their armed resistance is fatally weakend. This bombing gave the U.S. an advantage in the war.
  • Entertainment: The movie Casablanca

    Entertainment: The movie Casablanca
    One of the worlds most popular movies casablanca comes out starring Humphrey Bogart and ingrid bergman the story is about two spies who meet again in an African noght club and fall in love, As they run away from the nazis.
  • Fashion: shortage of leather

    Fashion: shortage of leather
    during the fourties the there was barely any leather so americans had to improvise using reptile instead of leather
  • Music: Glenn Miller

    Music: Glenn Miller
    Famous big band music star Glenn Miller died in a plane crash in 1944. He was famous for many of his songs including "In the Mood."
  • Fashion: The worlds first magazine for teenagers

    Fashion: The worlds first magazine for teenagers
    America publishes the worlds first magazine for teenagers which is called seventeen. They were popular among young women.
  • World Events:Iwo Jima

    World Events:Iwo Jima
    Iwo Jima was the first American attack on Japanese home lands. It was the first battle that the U.S. Marines lost more people than the Japanese. U.S. lost 6,800 people with 26,000 casualties while the Japanese only lost 21,844 people to fighting or suicide.
  • Sci + Tech: Manhattan Project

    Scientists sucessfully finished the Manhattan Project. It would revolutionize warfare. (Building of the atomic bomb)
  • World Events:Atomic Bomb

    World Events:Atomic Bomb
    The drop of the Atomic Bomb has been the only use of nuclear weapons to date. The atomc bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th. The atomic bomb "Little Boy" was filled with 130lbs of uranium-235. It took fourty-three seconds to fall, and detinated at 1,900 ft. The explosion was equal to 13 kilotons of TNT. 30% of Hiroshimas population was killed.
  • World Events:Atomic Bomb #2

    World Events:Atomic Bomb #2
    The second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. The bomb was called "Fat Man" and it contained 14.1LBS of plutonium-239. The bomb took forty-three seconds to fall and it detinated at 1,540 ft. When it went off it was two miles north west of the original plans. The blast was equal to twenty-one kilotons of TNT, the heat was equal to 7,000 degrees fahrenheit, and the winds were equal to 624 mph. The total deaths were around 8,000.
  • World Events:Surrender of Japan

    World Events:Surrender of Japan
    The surrender of Japan was caused by the Soviet Union invading and the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On August 15th Emeror Hirohito gave a radio adress called gyokuon-hoso meaning "jewel voice broadcast" to announce the surrender. The official celebration day of the surrender is September 2nd also known as U.S. V-J Day.
  • Fashion: The comeback for the zoot suit

    Fashion: The comeback for the zoot suit
    during the war the government banned the zoot suit because it had to much fabric to create the cuffs and the extra pockets.
  • World Events: Start of Cold War

    World Events: Start of Cold War
    In the cold war there was little fighting but both the U.S. and the Soviet Union showed conflict. Conflict was shown through military coalitions, strategic deployments, extensive aid to states deemed unbearable,proxy wars, espionage, propaganda, the space race and more. The cold war left the U.S. as the dominant military power.
  • Sports: Jackie Robinson

    Sports: Jackie Robinson
    In 1947 Branch Rickey hired Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. This broke the color barrier of Major Legue baseball.
  • World Events: C.I.A. Established

    World Events: C.I.A. Established
    The C.I.A. replaced the office of Strategic services, and made the U.S. safer. It was also given special powers under central intelligece act, powers are unknown. The employees of the C.I.A. can be investigated or dismissed as the C.I.A. sees fit.
  • World Events: Presidential Succession Act

    World Events: Presidential Succession Act
    The presidential succession act was changed three times 1792 was the original, then in 1886, and finally in 1947. In 1947 act was signed by truman and stated that cabinet members are ordered in the line of succession according to the date of their offices were established. This changed how the government was picked.
  • Fashion: worlds first supermodel

    Fashion: worlds first supermodel
    Lisa Fonssagrines is announced the worlds first super model .
  • World Events: Election of 1948

    World Events: Election of 1948
    The election was George Dewey Vs. Harry S. Truman. Truman pulled and upset over Dewey with an unexpected win. Truman won forty-nine percent of the vote and a 303 to 189 margin in the electoral college. Then Truman later created the fair deal which was the repeal of the Taft Harley act, the raise of minimum wage, and the expansion of social scecurity.
  • Sports: Olympics

    Sports: Olympics
    In 1948 the olympics where held for the first time scince 1936. It had been delayed because of World War II