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  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Black Tuesday gained its infamous name when the stock market crashed on a tuesday. This would lead to the great depression and high unimployment rates.
  • Reconstruction Finance Corporation

    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    Congress established one of the first relief agencies in the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. They would provide large sums of money to banks amoung other corperations.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Elected
    The election of FDR would signify change for the nation as he wpould enact many different reform programs in order to help with the current crysis at hand, namely his reform idea known as the new deal.
  • CCC established

    CCC established
    Civilian Conservation Corps was established to help aid in relief tp the public. They enlist young men to help in rebuild public spaces along with parks in order to stimulate economy.
  • Social Security Act of 1935

    Social Security Act of 1935
    Was a form of relief for groups who would otherwise not be able to afford living. The most controvercial part was the taking of it out of the payrolls of the people.
  • FDR Reelcted

    FDR Reelcted
    FDR was reelected beating the governor from Kansas. He was able to continue his plans for the country and the efforts of the reconstruction of the economy. He would also have to face new threats across seas.
  • Lend-Lease Act

    Lend-Lease Act
    The lend lease act was passed by Roosevelt after his third term election. The act would enable the shipment of supplies to Britian in order to inderectly help the war effert across seas.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japanese attack on U.S. naval base in pearl harbor, Hawaii. The attack left many americans dead and would pull the United States into the war over seas.
  • Guadalcanal

    The first island gained in the U.S. strategy of island hopping to Japan. They planed to take these islands as a means of stategic advatages for bombing runs and assualts.
  • D-Day

    Allies invasion of Normandy, France. The allies after suffering huge casualties were finally able to push and take france
  • Russians Take Berlin

    Russians Take Berlin
    The Russians taking of Berlin would be end of the German offense with Hitler Commitind suicide. This would allow more focus upon the war with Japan.
  • Hiroshima & Nagasaki

    Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    The first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and three days later the second was dropped on Nagasaki. These bombs were intended to end the war quickly and less loss of american lives.
  • Japane Surrenders

    Japane Surrenders
    The surrender of the Japanese was to be exspected with such large casualties from the dropping of the atomic bombs. The only request of the japanese was that the emperor remained in throne.