1929-1942 Economic Time Period

  • President Hoover is Elected

    President Hoover is Elected
    Hand off president wants little to do with government intervention in the economy.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Stock market crashes.
  • Unemployment

    3.2 million people are unemployed after the crash of the Stock market.
  • Bonus Bill is Passed

    Bonus Bill is Passed
    Veterans of WWI are given bonus funds and payment.
  • President Roosevelt is Elected

    President Roosevelt is Elected
    Serves three terms.
  • Wealth Tax Act

    Wealth Tax Act
    An increase in the taxes paid by wealthy people.
  • Dustbowl

    Severe Drought begins in Kansas and Colorado
  • AA is founded

    AA is founded
    The AA (alcoholics anonymous) is founded just months after the first canned beer is sold.
  • WWII

    WWII starts
  • Thruman Arnold Pleads Guilty to Trading With Nazis

    Thruman Arnold Pleads Guilty to Trading With Nazis
    Assistant attorney General Thurman Arnold is taken to court and pleads guilty to trading information with Nazis.