1810 Fashion Decade Project

  • Fashion Styles of Women

    Fashion Styles of Women
    The fashion styles during this decade for women was the Empire style gowns and bonnets and hats. Hair styles were loose fitted bun and Grecian hairstyles. The shoes were woven straw shoes and Grecian sandals.
  • Napoleonic Decade

    Napoleonic Decade
    1810-1820 was called the Napoleonic Decade. World events that were happening was the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars. After the War of 1812, it influenced fashion by creating a high demand for cotton, so people wore cotton. Also England and France led the fashion world.
  • Music and Mens Fashion

    Music and Mens Fashion
    The most popular music was Beethovan, Mozart, and Italian opera. The music made people wear flowly gowns. Also for men the fashion styles was dark coats and light waistcoats or the other way around. For hairstyles it was short hair or bangs with sideburns. For shoes it was boots.
  • England and France

    England and France
    Cotton production flourished in England even though they were focused on the Napoleonic Wars with France, but still remained as the European Fashion Capital. Also the corset was popular again since France cast it a side. It wasnt popular also France let their womens garment flow and drape the body. Not hold the body in shape. So corsets werent used.
  • More Mens Fashion

    More Mens Fashion
    Suits in a single color are made but are uncommon, but black and dark blue coats were very popular. Also the color blue and black were popular.
    For men, neckwear was commonly a long strip of white linen around their necks
    For shoes the fashion was boots with daytime clothing, not for evening wear.
  • First Oktoberfest

    First Oktoberfest
    To celebrate Prince Lugwig and Princess Therese wedding, most known as the first Oktoberfest. The fashion for women was Dirndl dresses and for men it was lederhosens.
  • More Mens Fashion 2

    More Mens Fashion 2
    There was two popular boots, it was the cuffed riding boots. Which are almost like today's jockey boots and the other popular boot was the Hessian boots. The Hessian boots are with a high notched front, a dip in the back, and a colored trim among the upper edge. The boots are knee high or mid-calf. Even sometimes slightly higher than the knee.
    Hairstyles for men were usually with short hair. Sideburns were popular as well as bangs. Also their hair followed the shape of their head.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    After the War of 1812 cotton was in high demand so women and men wore cotton clothing, since they liked the material. Also the Star Spangled Banner was created during the time of the war by Francis Scott Key. Which had an influence in fashion by having the flag on soldiers uniforms.
  • Empire styled gowns

    Empire styled gowns
    Empire style gowns were completely out of fashion in France but were completely fashionable in England. The English gowns were slightly fuller in skirt then French gowns. Also sheer cotton fabrics like muslin, gauze, and percale were really popular gown materials in England.
  • A fashion icon is Julia Gardiner

    A fashion icon is Julia Gardiner
    Julia Gardiner was the first lady, her style was long trained gowns with beautiful jewellery. Another reason that she was a fashion icon was that she wore everything so boldly, she was afraid of what people thought. She was bold.
  • Mens Fashion

    Mens Fashion
    Men breeches were out of fashion but male servants and footmen wore them. Also going back to 1810, the waist line for men went up to their belly buttons.
    Men had more colors for clothing. Even evening wear had bright hues. Dark coats with light waistcoats and trousers, or colored coats with neutral waistcoats and trousers, were the trend.