B2 Nick C-Dylan W

  • Head of Political Party

    Head of Political Party
    On January 20th 2001 George Bush brings in Dick Cheney into office as vice president for his campaign. This is head of political party because he elected a vice president for assistance.
  • Commander and Chief

    Commander and Chief
    On March 19th 2003 President Bush declaires was on Iraq after the September 11th attack on the TwinTowers. He then retaliated as commander and chief by declairing war on Iraq.
  • Iraq War

    Iraq War
    On May 1st 2003 George W. Bush declaired war on iraq this was the most important thing that he did his whole time in office. Because he had to make a decision on what to do and how to do it.
  • Chief of Executive

    Chief of Executive
    On December 20th 2009 Bush announced a global War on Terrorism, ordered an invasion of Afghanistan that same year and an invasion of Iraq in 2003. In addition to national security issues, Bush promoted policies on the economy, health care, education and social security reform. He signed into law broad tax cuts, the No Child Left Behind Act and Medicare prescription drug benefits for seniors. These are some of the things that President Bush did for his time in office.
  • Chief Legislator

    Chief Legislator
    On April 30th 2006 President Bush signing a bill for protecting homeland security, he signed this bill as Chief Lesgislator to make that bill become a law.
  • Chief of Diplomat

    Chief of Diplomat
    On July 12th 2006 President Bush, held the title of U.S. Chief Diplomat rejected talking with N. Korea regarding their long range missle testing program because he wanted the voices of the world to talk about the problem. This is Bush communicating with a foriegn country to talk about problems.
  • Chief of State

    Chief of State
    On March 30th 2008 President Bush went to a Nationals Baseball game to throw the opening pitch. This is Chief of State because he showed up at a public event and symbolized the importance of that baseball game.
  • Executive Order

    Executive Order
    Executive Order 13487 of January 16, 2009 George Bush
    established a Temporary Organization to facilitate
    United States Government Support for Afghanistan