Lewis and clark expidition

  • President Thomas Jefferson asked Congress to finance an expedtion to explore the western part of North America. Congress quickly approved the request.

  • Period: to

    from the start to the end

  • U.S. representatives signed a treaty with Grance to purchase the Lousiana Territory

  • Captain Meriwether Lewis, Jefferson's choice to lead the expedtion, asked William Clark to serve as co-leader

  • Lewis launched the expedition boat down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Lewia and Clark met in Clarksville, Indiana, where Clark had recuited men for the expedition

  • The expedition estabilished winter quarters at Camp Dubois, near St. Louis, Missouri

  • The expedition set out from Camp Dubois and headed up the Missouri River

  • The group began to build Fort Mandan for its winter camp

  • Winder was over and the journey resumed up the Missouri River.

  • The group reached the Great Falls of the Missouri River and soon began an 18-mile onland trip around the waterfalls.

  • The groupreached the Pacific coast

  • The group began to build Fort Clatsop for its winter quarters

  • The group heads back towards home

  • Lewis's group killed two Blackfeet Indians who tried to steal guns and horses. (this was the only blood shed the whole trip)

  • The expedition arrived back in St. Louis