Lewis and Clark

By Andreal
  • Lewis is picked as commander of the expediton and he askd Clark to join him

  • Camp Wood is established

  • Expedition begins

  • Naming Independence Creek

  • Charles Floyd dies of a probable burst appendix Captains name hilltops where he is buried Floyd's Bluff and a nearby stream,

  • Confrontation with Teton Sioux, who demand one of the expedition's boats as a toll to travel farther upriver.

  • Scouting ahead of the rest of the expedition, Lewis comes across the Great Falls of the Missouri

  • Sacagawea recognizes Beaverhead Rock and says they are nearing the headwaters of the Missouri, and her people, the Shoshones. Lewis and three others scout ahead.

  • The expedition reaches the Columbia River.

  • By majority vote the expedition decides to cross to the south side of the Columbia River to build winter quarters.

  • President Jefferson welcomes a delegation of Missouri, Oto, Arikara, and Yankton Sioux chiefs who had met with Lewis and Clark more than a year earlier.

  • The expedition runs out of tobacco. They had run out of their whiskey ration the previous fourth of July.

  • Fort Clatsop is presented to the Clatsop Indian, for which it was named, and the expedition begins the journey home.

  • Having crossed the Bitterroots again, the expedition breaks into smaller groups in order to explore more of the Louisiana Territory.

  • Lewis and Clark are treated as national heroes. They return to Washington, D.C. The men receive double pay and 320 acres of land as reward, the captains get 1,600 acres. Lewis is named governor of the Louisiana Territory, Clark is made Indian agent for t