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Melba Patillo : Warriors Don't Cry

By Ambar14
  • Racial problems

    A survey was conducted by the NAACP in the student union office to attempt to discover the current opinion concening racial problems
  • Melba's born

    Melba Patillo born on Pearl Harbor Day.
  • School integrated

    University of Arkansas school of law is integrated
  • The Supreme Court of Topeka

    Melba was a seventh grader, the supreme court of Topeka Kansas ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.
  • limit integration to Central High

  • Schools have to integrate immediately

    The NAACP filed suit in federal District Court to make the schools integrate immediately.
  • City and States Police

    Faubus says he's hoping for no unrest; U.S. keeping close eye on little rock.
  • Patillo life

    Patillo married Matthew Beals. They had one dauthter but divorced after ten year of marriage. She subsequently adopted two boys