Melba Patillo Warriors don't Cry

  • Period: to

    Melba al Little Rock Center high school

  • Melba almost got raped

  • The day the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas that separate schools for whites and blacks were illegal?

  • The newspapers said the Little Rock school board had adopted a plan to limit integration to Central High school.

  • Melba began to realize that Grandma was right. Our people were stretching out to knock down the fences of segregation.

  • The NAACP filed suit in Federal District Court to make the shcools integrate immediately.

  • Johnny Mathis had his first big song "Chances Are" on the hit parade.That month a Mrs. Clyde Thomason, secretary of a new group called the League of Central High Mothers, filled a petition for an injuction to keep the Little Rock school board from carryin

  • We'd been in paradise for more tan a week.

  • Melba's first day at schoolat Rock Little Center high school

  • Faubus goes to court

    The governor of Arkansas files a case in court to appeal for the suspension of integration in Arkansas schools. Little Rock Nine does not get to go to Central HS yet.
  • Seventeen children from Melba's community had been selected to enter the all-white Ceantral high school.

  • Faubus is defeated

    Little Rock Central HS is directed by the court to proceeed with integration. The police are directed to keep peace. Faubus is afraid taht people may get hurt.