BIggest Ever Recorded Earthquakes.

By emhoupt
  • North America Earthquake, 9.0.

    North America  Earthquake, 9.0.
    This quake led to a tsnumai that crossed the pacific ocean and caused damage to many coastal villages in Japan.
  • Chile Earthquake , 8.7.

    Chile Earthquake , 8.7.
    This quake hit 120km northwest of Santiago in city Valparais. This was followed by a tsunami which hit 1000km of coastline.
    The death toll was reported to be very low , not many lives were lost
  • Peru Earthquake , 9.0.

    Peru Earthquake , 9.0.
    The port of Arica, which is now part of Chile, was hit by a quake felt up to 1,400 kilometres (870 miles) away. Tsunamis were also recorded in Japan,Hawaii and New Zealand.
  • Ecuador Earthquake,8.8.

    Ecuador Earthquake,8.8.
    This quake struck the coast of Ecuador and Colombia. It was felt as far as San Franciso. 1500 people died from a tsunami that was followed by the Earthquake.
  • Russia Earthquake, 9.0.

    Russia Earthquake, 9.0.
    This quake hit just off the coast of the Kamchatka peninusla. This quake caused Pacific-wide tsnumamis. Tsunami damage was also recorded in some Hawaiin Islands,Peru ,Chile and the Kuril Islands. Suprisingly when these tsunmis hit there was no loss of life recorded.
  • Chile Earthquake, 9.5.

    Chile Earthquake, 9.5.
    This quake hit the coast off Southern Chile . More that 1,600 people were killed and the massive quake left about 200,000 people without homes. There was $550 million of damage in southern Chile. Followed tsunami which led to 61 deaths.
  • Alaska Earthquake, 9.2.

    This earthquake hit Alaska and laster for up to four minutes. It was considered to be the biggest earthquake to hit the U.S at the time. The quake led to a tsunami. In total 128 people died and severe damage had occured in the city.
  • Alaska Earthquake , 8.7.

    Alaska Earthquake , 8.7.
    This quake hit alaska in the distant Rat Islands. It led to a tsunami which was reported to be 10.7m high.
  • Indonesia Earthquake, 9.1.

  • Japan Earthquake, 8.9.

    This earthquake was undersea in northeast Japan. It caused a 10m high tsunami which left many cities in ruins.
  • Chilean, 8.8.

    This earthquake hit off shore on the Chilean Coast. Afterwards there was tsnumai that killed over 500 people. MOst people died in Maule which is 400km south-west of captital Santiago.
  • Portugal Earthquake , 8.7.

    This earhtquake was centered in Lisbon ( Capital of Portugal). When it hit many of the towns people were at church. A quater of Lisbons population died.