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Melba Patillo

  • Racial problems

    A survey was conducted by the NAACP in the Student Union office to attempt to discover the current opinion concerning racial problems.
  • School integrated

    University of Arkansas school of law is integrated
  • Native place of born

    Melba Pattillo was born on December 7, 1941, in Little Rock (Pulaski County)
  • School integrated

    September, 1949 University of Arkansas School of Law is integrated.
  • Goverment participation

    The Supreme Court of the United States made a historic ruling in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka when it declared that segregation of public schools was unconstitutional.
  • Record at school

    When Melba was a seventh grader, the supreme court of Topeka, Kansas ruled that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional
  • Period: to

    Melba Pantillo

  • Students assitance

    Twenty-seven black students attempt to register in all-white Little Rock schools, but are turned down.
  • Struck

    Someone hit Melba with a tennis racket from the back
  • Fabous goes to court

    the governer of Arkansas files the case in court to appeal for the suspension of integration in Arkansas schools. Litter Rock Nine does get to go to Central HS yet.
  • 101st Airbone troop arrive in Little Rock

    1200 soldiers fromm the National Army came to Littler Rock to make sure the integration proceeds,
  • Melba Pattillo

    Her first day of school
  • First day inside Central HG

    Melba and the rest of the LR9 met up at the assemembly point ant they were escorted to the building by soldiers.
  • Dynamitel

    Someone threw a lit stick of dynamite into the stairwell where Melba and Danny were
  • National Guard back to Central

    101st Airborne was not in the Littler Rock Central.
  • Acid in the face

    A boy ran up to Melba with a small bottle and spray liquid over her face.
  • 1/4 of 101st Airborne go home

    Half of the soldiers of the 101st Arborne left Litter Rock
  • All of the soldiers go home

    After Thanksgiving, all the soldiers leave and the LR9 lose the backguards.
  • Minnijean gets suspended

    A group of the students were taunting Minniejean in the cafeteria while she was holding her tray of food. she lost her balance and spilled chiki all over two students.
  • Minnijean gets ultimatum

    The superintented warns Minnijean that she shuold not react to anyone who taunts her.
  • Expelled

    Minnijean gets expelled from Central
  • Pantillo life

    Pattillo married Matthew Beals. They had one daughter but divorced after ten years of marriage. She subsequently adopted two boys.