Katrina's Timeline

  • I was born!

    I was born!
    I was born on October 18th, 1996 in Brighams Women Hospital in Boston. My parents are Michael Kourtelidis and Peggy Crehan. They were very happy to have a baby girl!
  • WORLD-Hong Kong

    Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule.
  • U.S-Oklahoma City Bombing

    Tim McVeigh is sentenced to death after blowing up many buildings in Oklahoma City resulting in deaths and alot of injuries.
  • WORLD- Swiss!

    Swiss plan first payment to Holocaust victims.
  • U.S- First bombing of World Trade Center

    Two people conficted in the first bombing of the World Trade Center. No one was killed.
  • U.S- President Clinton!

    United States President, Bill Clinton accused of having a sex scandal in the White House with Monica Lewinsky.
  • U.S- Unabomber!

    Unabomber is sentenced to 4 life sentences who set off 16 explosions killing 3.
  • WORLD- Currency!

    Europeans agree on a single currency called the Euro
  • WORLD-Russia

    Russia fights to avert financial collapse.
  • U.S-School Shooting!

    Student's at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado open fire at their highschool killing 12 students and a teacher.
  • WORLD- South Africa

    Nelson Mendela who was the first black president of South Africa stepped down from his presidency.
  • U.S- J.F.K Death

    J.F.K Jr. and his wife die when the plane J.F.K was driving crashes off the cost of Martha's Vineyard.
  • WORLD- Earthquake!

    7.4 earthquake hit Turkey leaving 600,000 homeless and 15,600 dead.
  • WORLD- North and South Korea

    North and South Korea sign a peace accord.
  • U.S- U.S sailors

    U.S sailors on Navy Destroyer in Yemen on the boat Coal are killed.
  • WORLD- Mad cow!

    Mad cow disease alarms Europe.
  • U.S- Despuited Presidental Election

    Despuited Presidental Election causes Bush to go to the Supreme Court. In the end Bush wins Presidental Election.
  • U.S- President!

    George W. Bush is sworn into office as the 43rd president.
  • WORLD- China!

    U.S spy plane and Chinese jet collide. The 24 crew members were held in China for 11 days before being released.
  • U.S.A- Terrorists attack on U.S soil!

    Terrorists hijack planes driving them into the Twin Towers and Pentagon killing thousands of Americans.
  • WORLD- Ireland looks to make peace!

    Irish Republican Army announces that they will dismantle its army arsenal to try to make peace with Northern Ireland.
  • WORLD- India Crisis!

    Muslims mobfire-bombed at a train in India killing 1000.
  • U.S- U.S and Afghan Troops

    U.S and Afghan troops start operation Anaconda against Al- Queda and the Taliban.
  • U.S- Pennsylvania Miners!

    Pennsylvania miners rescued after spending 77 hours in a dark flooded mine shaft.
  • WORLD- Israeli attacks!

    Israeli tanks attack West Banktowns of Nablus, Bethlehem. Hundreds wounded.
  • WORLD- Ready to attack Iraq!

    Bush in a State of Union announces that he is ready to attack Iraq.
  • U.S- Space shuttle Columbia!

    Space shuttle Columbia explodes killing all 7 astronauts.
  • WORLD- Baghdad!

    Baghdad falls to U.S troops.
  • U.S- John A. Muhammad!

    John A. Muhammad is convicted in 2002 Washington D.C area shootings and is sentenced to death.
  • U.S- John Kerry!

    John Kerry secures Democratic nomination after winning 9 out of 10 primaries.
  • WORLD- Al-Qaeda!

    Al-Qaeda kills more than 200 in Spain by terrorists attacks.
  • U.S- Gay Marriges

    Gay marriges begins in Massachusetts.
  • WORLD- Enormous tsunami!

    Enormous tsunami devastates Asia. 200,000 were killed in this terrible disaster.
  • U.S- Bush sworn into office again!

    George W. Bush officially swarn into office for 2nd term
  • WORLD- London!

    London hit by Islamic terrorist bombing. Its been the worst bombings since World War I.
  • U.S- U.S Soliders

    U.S soliders killed in Iraq reaches 2,000.
  • WORLD- Worldwide Aid for Asia!

    Worldwide aid comes pouring into 11 Asian countries who got hit with after a terrible tsunami.
  • World- New government!

    In Iraq a coalition of Shiites and Kurds dominates the new government.
  • WORLD- Saddam Hussein!

    Saddam Hussein is convicted of crimes against humanity by Iraq court and is hung.
  • U.S- Democrates!

    Democrates gain control of both houses of Congress.