• unabomber

    FBI arrests their suspects of a unabomber
  • clintons veto

    clintons veto
    clinton signs line-item veto bill.
  • mad cow disease

    mad cow disease
    britan alarmed by an outbreak of mad cow disease.
  • taliban leader

    taliban leader
    militant taliban leader seize afghan capital of kabul.

    I was born in south shore hospital weighing 4 pounds 1 ounce.
  • bombing

    2 convicted in nyc trade center bombing
  • oj simpson

    oj simpson
    oj simpson found liable in civil suit.
  • hong kong

    hong kong
    hong kong retuurns to chinese rule.
  • holocaust vitims

    holocaust vitims
    swiss plan first payment to holocaust vitims.
  • single currency

    single currency
    europeans agree on single currency the euro.
  • financial collapse

    financial collapse
    russia fights to avert a financial collapse
  • sex scandel

    sex scandel
    president accused in sex scandel with monika lewinsky and then later got impeached
  • unabomber

    unabomber sentenced to 4 life terms after killing 4 people
  • first black president

    first black president
    nelson mandela became the first black president of south africa steps down.
  • y2k bug

    y2k bug
    the world awaits the consequences of the y2k bug.
  • impeachment

    impeachment trial for president found guilty.
  • JFKS death

    JFKS death
    JFK and his wife died in plane crash near marthas vineyard.
  • navy destroyer cole

    navy destroyer cole
    us sailors on navy destroyer cole die in yemen terrorist explosion.
  • mad cow

    mad cow
    mad cow disease alarms europe.
  • cuban boy

    cuban boy
    cuban boy reunites with his father after raid of miami relatives home.
  • pesident bush election

    pesident bush election
    president bush wins florida recount and wins election al gore.
  • taliban regime

    taliban regime
    taliban regime collapses after 2 months
  • israel against palestinian rule

    israel against palestinian rule
    israel condemns the palestinian authority as a terror supporting entity.
  • 9/11

    9/11 planes blow up on the world trade center.
  • george bush sworn presidency

    george bush sworn presidency
    george W bush sworn in as 43rd president.
  • east timors new nation

    east timors new nation
    east timor becomes a new nation
  • terrorists bombing

    terrorists bombing
    terrorists bomb in bali and kills hundreds.
  • Period: to

    havent done yet

  • leader captured in iraq

    leader captured in iraq
    top insurgent leader is captured in iraq.
  • iraq prison release

    iraq prison release
    iraq announces prisoner release program
  • same sex marriage

    same sex marriage
    senate defeats ban on same sex marriage
  • 9/11

    nation marks 5 year anniversay of 9/11
  • norht korea fuel plants

    norht korea fuel plants
    north korea agrees to disable nuclear fuel plants.
  • bin laden video

    bin laden video
    osama bin laden releases a video in nearly 3 years
  • president attorney nominnee

    president attorney nominnee
    president bush nominates new attorney general
  • childrens health care

    home and senate pass bill to extend childrens health care program
  • suicide bomber

    suicide bomber
    suicide bomber kills dozens in baghdad
  • government collapse

    government collapse
    italys government collapses
  • state of union

    state of union
    president bush delivers last state of the union
  • stimulus package

    stimulus package
    bush proposes 145 billion on a stimulus package
  • first black president

    first black president
    barak obama becomes first black president
  • national committee chairman

    national committee chairman
    republicans chose first black national committee chairman
  • militants cross pakistan border

    militants cross pakistan border
    46 pakistans killed when taliban militants crossed pakistan border
  • election in iraq

    election in iraq
    provincial election held in iraq
  • 2018 world cup

    2018 world cup
    russia wins its bid to host 2018 world cup
  • jobless rate rises

    jobless rate rises
    jobless rate rises from 9.6% to 9.8%
  • gay men and women military rights

    gay men and women military rights
    dont ask dont tell law having gay men and women int he military
  • healthcare reform act

    healthcare reform act
    health care reform act declared unconstitutionalized by federal judge
  • egypt violence

    egypt violence
    egypt erupts in violence as supporters of mubarek fight with opponents
  • libyan rule

    libyan rule
    libyan president qagaffi fights with opposition forces for control of libya
  • republicans and house of rep

    republicans and house of rep
    republicans take control of house of reps

    east coast of us hit with several snowstorms