timline of my life

  • I was born

    Hawaii queens medical Hospital
  • Period: to


  • Una bomber life sentence

  • Curency Change

    European agree on single curency
  • Population

    World population reaches six billion milestone
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela first black President of South Africa
  • Bon fire

    Twelve people we killed 27 were hurt after a bunch of logs collapes. The annual bon fie wich history is 90 years has not been held since.
  • Death of Son

    Death of saddam in dangerouse raid
  • spain

    is rocked by terrorist attacks, killing more than 200. Respouncibility tooken by al quida
  • London

    London hit by Islamic terrorist bombings, killing 52 and wounding about 700. It is Britain's worst attack since World war 2
  • saddam hung

    Saddam Hussein is convicted of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court and hanged in Baghdad.
  • Great Britain

    Gordon Brown replaces Tony Blair as the prime minister of Great Britain