lewis and clark

By 837817
  • Jefferson asks Lewis

    Jefferson becomes president and asks Meriwether to be his personal secretari. He asked him because of his friendship with him and his family.
  • Jefferson's aurthorization

    Jefferson is trying to find his aurthorization to buy the Louisiana purchase. The reason he took so long to purchase is because he followed the constitution and it said nothing about him being able to sell or buy any purchase of land
  • Lewis and clark write back and forth

    Lewis writes to clark to share the expidition. And Clark writes back to exept the expidition.The reason why he asked Clark to come with him on the journey is because of his ability of his military expirence.
  • Period: to

    Lewis & Clark

    Lewis and Clark began there task on 1804 starting at camp Dubois
  • Joining in on the party

    York and clark join Lewis's jorney.Most of the natives liked york because of him being funny. he made jokes and the natives liked york alott.Even though york was not in any of the journals we know he was there because of the natives.
  • Start exploring

    Lewis and Clark start their exploring starting at camp Dubois
  • La Charette

    Expidition passes La Charette and Floyd is writing in his journal
  • work together

    A few days after the Mandans done there fuffalo calling a herd goes by and the indians and the members of jefferson hunt together
  • ocean in view

    Clark writes his most famous Journal entry "Ocean in View" when he sees the land in a distance. He nameda river after the girl he loved the Judith river.
  • getting married

    Clark marries Julie Hancock they had 5 children. Then after Julia's death he remarried his x-wifes first cousin Harriet Kennerly radford.
  • Suiside

    Lewis kills himself on his way to washington at Grinder's stand
  • Clark takes custody

    Sacagawea dies and Clark takes Jean Baptiste and Sacagawea's infant daughter. These were her only kids she had. Sacagawea dies because of a intense fever or putrid fever.
  • york dies

    York dies before this date even though clark kept york 10 yrs before granting his freedom
  • Clark gets married

    Clark married the same girl he named the river after and he died in his eldest sons home
  • Period: to

    lewis and clark