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Obama Pres. Timeline

By The_Que
  • Starting of the Primary elections

    Primary election: Primary election is a way for voters to select what members will be running for the presidential spot, this is held for each party (i.e. democrat, republican)
  • Period: to

    Presidential timeline

  • McCain Talks in Arizonia, his home state

  • Mitt Romney Speaks in California

  • Obama Announces he plans to run

  • Ron Paul talks about his presidential platform

  • Public Speaking by Obama

    Obama Announces his main platform for his preidential elections
  • McCain Talks about Education in America

    Public Speaking for presidential election
  • Ron Paul Speaks at a new school opening

  • Hillary Clinton Makes a speach about technique in imakeasanich, Minnesota

  • Primary: Iowa

    Obama: 54% 7electorial votes
    McCain: 45%
  • New Hampshire

    Obama: 384,826
    McCain: 316,534
  • Michigan

    Obama: 2,872,579
    McCain: 2,048,639
  • Nevada

    Obama: 533,736
    McCain: 412,827
  • South Carolina

    Obama: 2,142,651
  • Flordia

    Primary: Obama
  • Alaska

    Caucus: McCain
  • Alabama

    Obama: 813,479
    McCain: 1,266,546
  • Arizona

  • Arkanas

    Obama: 422,310
    McCain: 638,017
  • California

    Obama: 8,274,473
    McCain: 5,011,781
  • Colorando

    Causus: Obama
  • Conneticut

  • Delaware

  • Georgia

  • Idaho

    Caucus: McCain
  • Illinois

  • Kanas

    Caucus: McCain
  • Massachusetts

  • Minnesota

    Cuacus: Obama
  • Missouri

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • North Dakota

  • Oklahoma

  • Tennesee p

  • Utah

    Primary: McCain
  • Obama Covers Illegal Immagration

  • Obama visits californaia and recieves money for campagn

  • McCain Visits GM and recieves fundraising money

  • Ohio

    Primary: Obama
  • Rhode Island

    Primary: Obama
  • Texas

  • Vermont

    Primary: Obama
  • Pennsylvania

  • South Dakota

  • Indinana

    Priamry: Obama
  • North Carolina

  • Kentucky

  • West Virgina

    Primary: McCain
  • Montana

    Primary: McCain
  • Democratic Presidential Convention

    -The 2008 Democratic National Convention was held in Denver's Pepsi Center.
    -Head of convention: Nancy Pelosi
    -Democrat Nominations:
    Barack Obama
    3,188.5 72.15%
    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    1,010.5 22.87%
  • Republican Presidential Convention

    -Republican Convention: took place at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota sept 1-4
    -A convention is a political convention is a meeting of a political party, typically to select party candidates
    -Head of conventions: George W. Bush
    Laura Bush
    Joe Lieberman
    Rudy Giuliani
    Mike Huckabee
    Mitt Romney
    Michael Steele
    -Republican Nomination:
    John McCain
    2,343 98.44%
    Ron Paul
    21 0.88%
    Mitt Romney
    0 .08
  • Election Day

    -day when polls are open for the general public to vote
    -Popular vote: Obmam: 69,456,897 McCain: 59,934,814
  • McCain Speaks about Verteran Rights in Pittsburg

  • McCain Talks at Penn State

  • Meeting of Electors

    Day when the Electoral College meets and votes for the New President of the United States
    Electoral Votes: Electoral votes Obama: 365 McCain:173
  • Obama's Inauguration

    Inauguration: Marks the Commencment of the four year period when Obama ill serve