The Rag and Bone Shop By:AUSTIN BECKUM and josh tyson

  • Alicia's body found!

    Alicia's body was discovered at dusk by a volenteer during the second search 500 yards from her house. Her body was between the trunks of two overlapping maple trees. She was laid down with tenderness,arms crossed over her chest,dress pulled down to her knees,and her hair pulled down to frame her face. Her eyes were filled with horror and suprise. The medical examiner stated it as head trauma from an irregurally shaped blunt object. She had been struck in the temple.
  • Jason's summer

    Classes in Monument ended on the last Friday of June for summer vacation,but Jason regarded today,Monday, as the first real day of vacation. Jason woke up at 6:32. He began to think of the long summer days ahead. He started camp next week. He began to think of what to do that day. Finish his book,watch T.V.,or go to Alicia's house.
  • Jason's last visit with Alicia

    Jason was helping Alicia with a jigsaw puzzle. It was a big red cardinal. Alicia's brother Brad was irratating her. He would get out of the pool and shake water all over them. He said,"What if I accedetally knocked over the card table. "Haven't you done enough damage already",Alicia said.Brad did not answer. He left in a heavy silence. Alicia threw the puzzle pieces everywhere."Do you want a glass of lemonade",she asked Jason. Seeing she was in a bad mood he refused and left.
  • Braxton's Questioning

    Detective Braxton walked into Jason's house and asked to question Jason.He refused the cup of tea Jason's mother offered him since time was a factor. "Was everything normal at Alicia's house",Braxton asked. "Yes",Jason replied. Then Braxton asked the same question in another way."Did Alicia seem upset about anything." "Just the puzzle and Brad". Braxton began to get irratated with these anwsers. "Anything else",he asked."No",Jason replied. Quickly he closed his note book and left.
  • Bobo v.s. Jason part 1

    Jason thought about the promise he made to never cry. It started with the fight with Bobo. It wasn't because of the push,but because of all the things that he had seen Bobo do to people. Things like pulling out someones shirttail or tripping someone. The worst thing he saw was what Bobo did to Rebecca Tolland. He walked up to her and grabbed her arms. Then he pushed his body against hers and whispered something in her ear. Something that sent her flying back in discust and anger.
  • Bobo v.s. Jason part 2

    Hearing the warning bell Jason he left felling full of anger knowing she would not report it. The next day Bobo gave him a slight push from behind and Jason knocked him to the floor. Then he was sent to the principles office and he made a promised to himself to never cry again.
  • Trent's agreement

    After Trent got a confession from Adolf Califer Braxton called. He asked if he could come and interrogate a boy. The town was in an uproar and the senator was involved personaly. "Is the senario in place ",Trent asked. "Yes", Braxton replied. Then Trent agreed to the interogation. He would just need the details. Afterward he dispised himself for letting a Politition to influence his decision.
  • False confession

    At the end of the interrogation Jason confessed. Trent walked out of the room to show the tape of Jason's confession. Then Sarah walked to him and asked if that was the boys confession. Trent replied yes. Then she asked how he got the confession when the girls brother just confessed. Trent looked confused and relized that it was his first falure.
  • Sarah Downes

    Trent stepped into the limo suprised to see a women in the car. Her name was Sarah Downes. He asked her for her opinion of the case and the background. Then she asked him about himself and how he could listen to all the confessions. She upset Trent because she reminded him of Lottie. He studied her movements to see if they offered clues. He remebered his last words from Lottie. "You are what you do",she had told him. Afterward they started to come up to the Headquaters.
  • Trent Intrview Subject:Dorrant

    Trent told Braxton to bring in the suspect. Jason was brought in. Trent began to question Jason. After a while a questioning Jason began to feel weird. He noticed that Trent was taller.He also reconized his thirst Trent then decided it was time for a break. When he left Jason wanted to leave. So he got up and left. When Trent returned and saw Jason was gone he walked out side and found him. "This makes you look very gilty",Trent told him. The qustioning began again.
  • Bobo at the Rec center

    Jason wondered how could he admit to something he could never do. Then a voice said you can do it. You admited you could do it. Then Jason Thought about Bobo,"Yes Bobo",he said. He remembered that Bobo was at the rec center a lot. He let the sweetness carry him for a bit. Then he walked to the kithen and grabed the buther knife out of the drawer.