Davy crockett

Davy Crockett

  • Birth

    Davy Crockett was born in Greene Country, Tennessee. He was the fifth of nine children.
  • Hunting

    Dacy Crockett first asked his dad to go hunting with him. He was not allowed to because the father was afraid he might miss. From then on Davy hunted with his brothers
  • Escape

    Davy Crockett ran away from home when he was 12 -13 years old. while he was away (for 3 years) he learned to trap, track, and a few other skills.
  • Return

    Davy Crockett returned home after three years. His oldest sister first noticed him when he returned and she told the whole family of him coming back. His father owed money and used Davy to work in the farms of a farmer to pay off the taxes.
  • Marriage

    Davy Crockett married for the second time. (The first the woman he was engaged to loved another). This woman's name was Mary Poly Finley. With her thay had two children.
  • Elected

    Elected state legislature. Later on he was elected for the Comittee of Propositions and Grievances.
  • Politics

    Davy Crockett tried to get in the house of representatives but the first time he tried he didn't make it. A few years later he tried again and he made it into politics. He was accepted into the house of representatives in the year of 1826.
  • Death

    Davy Crockett died in the battle of the Alamo.