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  • He born

    He born
    Antonio Lucio Vivaldi was born in Venecia 4 of march in 1678
  • He was ordained a priest

    He was ordained a priest
    In 1703 Antonio Vivaldi was ordained a priest by choice. There is a story that Vivaldi sometimes left the altar to go to record their musical ideas
  • He will live in Mantua

    He will live in Mantua
    At the end of 1717 Vivaldi moved to Mantua, where he spent two years with the purpose of the position of Capellmister chamber, which had been granted in the court of Landgrave Philips van Hessen-Darmstadt.
  • la serenata La Sena festeggiante

    la serenata La Sena festeggiante
    He also wrote works on behalf of some foreigners, like the French King Louis XV, the serenade La Sena festeggiante, for example. This work does not have a date of composition too accurate, but is believed to have been written after 1720.
  • The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons
    The four Season is the most important work of vivaldi. The four season was publish in 1725 in a consort of 12 concerts called “Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’inventione”
  • Opus 8 was published

    Opus 8 was published
    In 1725, the work and dell'invenzione dell'Armonia Il Cimento (The trial of harmony and invention), opus 8, was published in Amsterdam.
  • He went to Amsterdam

    He went to Amsterdam
    In 1738 Vivaldi was in Amsterdam where he directed the opening of a festive concert in honor of the anniversary of 100 years of the Schouwburg Theater
  • He returned to Venice

    He returned to Venice
    Returning to Venice, which at that time was undergoing a severe economic crisis, resigned from the Ospedale in 1740, planning to move to Vienna under the aegis of his admirer Charles VI.
  • He died

    He died
    his stay in Vienna was brief because he died on July 28, 1741 of "internal fire" (probably the asthmatic bronchitis suffered throughout his life) and like Mozart fifty years later he received a modest reminder.
  • Vivaldi returned to Venice

    Vivaldi returned to Venice
    Así en 1760 Vivaldi regresó a Venecia donde puso en escena óperas nuevas escritas por él, en el Teatro Sant’ Angelo