Frandkenstein(reader experience)

By nani000
  • Strange Meeting

    Arctic explorer Robert Walton writes to his sister.He met a stranger called Victor Frankenstein in North Pole. Victor told his strange story to Walton, then Walton wrote down what Victor said
  • Happy Family

    Victor was born in Geneva,Switzerland.His mother brings an orphan girl called Elizebeth home to be part of the family
  • Leaving Home

    Victor falls in love with science.He is going to study science at Ingolastadt University in Germany
  • The Creature Lives

    Victor thinks the classes are boring. He starts to do experiments himself. He wants to use his knowledge to make a creature. On a dreary night in November, Victor finishes making an ugly monster. Horrified by the hideous creature he has made, Victor flees from the room
  • Revenge

    Afther that night, Victor is sick and always feels scared. 1 year later, Victor gets better and he is going back to Geneva.His family tell him that his brother William died.Victor knows the muderer is the monter but he doesn't tell them
  • Face to Face

    Victor meets the monster on a high mountain when he exercises to calm his mind.The Creature blames his own murderous behavior on Victor's unkindness and tells Victor his tale
  • The Creature's Tale

    After the monster leaves the room.He safely hidden in a pigsty near an old cottage. He learns to speak and think by listening and watching the family secretly. But the family drive him away at last. The monster knows who his creator is and wants to take revenge on him
  • The tale continue

    On his way to Geneve, he found a boy fall into a river and he wanted to save him. But the boy's family thought the monster wanted to kill the boy and shot him. The monster got hurt and ran away.He gets mad and doesn't want to suffer from descrimination anymore.
  • Make me a wife

    On a mountain that is in Geneva, Victor is exercising, and the monster meets him. He tells Victor his unfortunate story and askes Victor to make him a wife. He will leave Europe forever if Victor finishes it.
  • Break the promise

    Victor agrees the monster at first and starts to make another creature. But at last he thinks this idea is dangerous and gives up his experiment. The monster knows that and becomes very angry. The revenge continues and the monster wants to kill Elizabeth. Luckily Victor finds this at time, Elizabeth is alive
  • The final tragedy

    Victor cannot stand this anymore. He chases after the monster and wants to destroy him.He takes a long trip throughout the Europe and gets to the North Pole at last. But Victor is too tired to chase the monster again and his dogsled is broken. But a ship that is traveling to the North Pole saves him. Victor tells his story to the captain R.Walton. Victor dies at last. After the monster knows Victor's death, he is sorry for what he's done and destroy himself. He sleeps with Victor forever.