Georg Friederich Händel

  • Händel was born.

    Händel was born.
    Georg Frederich Händel was born in Germany but after it, he was nationalized as an English person. Later, he became the most important composer in the Baroque and one of the most influent people in the world of music.
  • Händel enters in the Orchestra of Hamburg.

    Händel enters in the Orchestra of Hamburg.
    He published his first work, Almira, after be included in the orchestra of Hamburg playing the violin.
  • His trip to Italy.

    His trip to Italy.
    He decided to travel to Italy to improve as a musician. There he composed a lot of works, especially operas. Agrippina was the most important.
  • He returns to Germany.

    He returns to Germany.
    He returned from Italy to Germany. Here, he becomes the conductor of the orchestra from Hannover.
  • He travels to London.

    He travels to London.
    He travels to London where he decides to stay for the rest of his life.
  • Water Music.

    Water Music.
    In this year he composes Water Music, one of my favourites works of Händel. This was an order of the king because he had to travel by boat and he wanted to go listening to music all the time.
    Listen it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOoiuMYc5Wc
  • The Royal Academy of Music.

    The Royal Academy of Music.
    He establishes the Royal Academy of Music. He was the president of course. This company was destined to the operatic shows. With this School, he publishes some new operas: Radamisto (1720), Giulio Cesare (1724), Tamerlano (1724) and Rodelinda (1725).
  • Julio Cesar in Egypt.

    Julio Cesar in Egypt.
    An opera of Händel. In this case, it's based on Julio Cesar and Egypt; a work of Giacamo Francesco Bussani.
  • A new Britannic person.

    A new Britannic person.
    Händelwas nationalized Britannic and becomes English. He had to change his name. In this moment he left the name “Georg Frederich Händel”, now, he was George Frederic Haendel.
  • Zadok, the Priest.

    Zadok, the Priest.
    He composes this work inspired in his belief.
    Listen it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI0YOPoj4t0&playnext=1&list=PL75506896BA992204&index=27
    Do you know this music? Now it is the hymn of the League of Champions!
  • The Royal Academy of Music's dieth.

    The Royal Academy of Music's dieth.
    The Royal Academy of Music dies. For that, he needed to establish another one academy. But the rival school of music; The Opera of the Nobility, made his life even harder. So, after a year, he left his company.
  • Händel is ill.

    Händel is ill.
    He suffers an attack of paralysis and he had to leave to compose during a time.
  • He composes Deidama.

    He composes Deidama.
    He returns to compose and creates his last opera, Deidama.
    This opera is inspired in the Greek goddess with the same name.
    This was his last opera and Händel started to compose oratories.
  • The Messiah.

    The Messiah.
    In this year, Händel composes his most important and met work, The Messiah. A very beautiful composition that reflects how he felt his religious life.
    Listen it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usfiAsWR4qU
    But behind this work, there is a very amazing story. Read it! : http://www.actuallynotes.com/El-Mesias-El-Milagro-de-Haendel.html
  • His view starts to fail.

    His view starts to fail.
    His view starts to fail. From this date, he turns blind but it couldn´t with him.
  • Music for the Royal fireworks.

    Music for the Royal fireworks.
    Another great composition. The first time it was played was in Green Park.
    Listen it! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0PyTS5PyYo
    This composition was an order of Jorge II. Händel had to compose it for the night of the Royal Fireworks in Green Park.
  • The Händel's dieth.

    The Händel's dieth.
    Finally he died in London. The last music he heard was The Messiah, the 6th April of this same year.