Fraser Fisher-Nilson 1930s timeline

  • Herbert Hoover takes office

    Herbert Hoover won the presidency when at the end of America's famous, roaring '20s. The stock market crashed, and he was blamed for the depression. Cities with garbage built houses became known as Hoovervilles after him.
  • The Dust Bowl

    A period from 1930-1939 when centuries of topsoil created huge dust storms because of a drought. One-fourth of the community left but the ones who stayed could have suffered from dust pneumonia and felt dirty 24/7. A soil conservation law passed that helped the soild decrease by 67%. Finally, in 1939, the skies oppened with rain.
  • Period: to

    The Dust Bowl

  • Hitler Takes Power

    Hotler won power by democratic means. When he too power, he created a powerful program that strived for world omination and elimination of all Jews. He was responsib;e for regulating Germany's economy during the depression.
  • The Bonus Army

    The vetrans of WW1 were promised a bonus in 1945. They wanted them sooner because of the harsh times. Congress declined their request, so Walter W. Waters led them to the capital. There, the governmet attacked the harmless vetrans and their families.
  • RFC

    The RFC was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. This was made to help give loans to banks by Hoover.
  • FDR elected

    Franklin Roosevelt took presidency because America had hope that he would lead them out of depression. He was the only president to be elected more than 2 times.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    The New Deal was proposed by Franklin Roosevelt. This was one of the economic programs tat was passed by Congress during the depression. The goal was to help get out of the hars times and focuss on reform, recovery, and relief.
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    This act was also called the Wheeler-Howard Act and Indian New Deal. This act helped protect the Native Americans' rights. Tribes weren't required constitutions.
  • Social Security Act

    The Social Security Act is a legislative accomplishments in the history of the United States. This was a bill that created multiple programs to help different groups in the country. Thie document included old age, survivors, and unemployment insurance.
  • Social Security

    Social security protected people who were of old-age, survivors, or disabled. This was created by Franklin Rooseve;t and is still used today.
  • Neutrality Acts

    The Neutrality Acts were laws that were passed by Congress in 1935 and 1936. These Acts were created to help America stay out of another war. These Acts had rules limiting arms sales to nations that were not at war, gave the United States the power to keep people from venturing on belligerent vessels or to belligerent countries, prohibited loans to belligerent countries and countries that weren't repaying previous debts, and didn't let American shipping carry their arms to these belligerents.
  • GM sit-down strike

    The GM workers went on a sit down strike. They sat down in the factory watching over the machines and let management come in. This strike led to unionization of the domestic Autobobille Industry.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    On the 13th of December on 1937, the Japanese captured Nanjing. Within 3 days, they massacred over 300,00 civilians. Theu also raped over 20,000 women. Bodies were thrown into the river or set pn fire.
  • Father Coughlin attacks FDR, Jews

    Charles Coughlin owned a radio show, where he broadcasted his sermons from. He dislike president FDR and attacked him on his radio show. He also attacked the conspiracy of Jewish bankers.
  • The Grapes of Wrath

    This story took place during the Great Depression and was written by John Steinback. It was about a family who lived in Oklahoma and how they were trapped in the Dust Bowl.