Fraser Polselli 1930's Timeline

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    Fraser Polselli 1930's Timeline

  • Herbert Hoover Takes Office

    Herbert Hoover Takes Office
    Herbert Hoover was the 31st President of the United States. Most people blamed him for the Great Depression. He easily won the Republican votes.
  • RFC

    The RFC was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation lead by Herbert Hoover. It was made after WWI to assist banks, life insurance companies, railroads, and other large businesses with their financial situations.
  • The Bonus Army

    The Bonus Army
    The Bonus Army invaded Washington D.C. to stop the veterans and their families from protesting. It was said to be a parade for the veterans until these invaders started to attack.
  • The New Deal

    The New Deal
    The New Deal was created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It was made to help economic issues and financial reformation during the Great Depression.
  • FDR was Elected

    FDR was Elected
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. During his term, he created "The New Deal" to assist during the Great Depression.
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    Indian Reorganization Act
    The act gave specific rights to Native Americans, including Alaska Natives. It gave the Native Americans the control of their assests and other rights too.
  • Hitler in Power

    Hitler in Power
    Adolf Hitler was a German man who had political authority and rose to power after the President of German, Paul von Hindenburg, died. After Hitler gained his new power, he declared himself the dictator of Germany.
  • Father Coughlin attacked FDR, Jews

    Father Coughlin attacked FDR, Jews
    Father Charles Coughlin was a Roman Catholic priest from Royal Oak, Michigan. At first, he supported Roosevelt, but then he did not approve of him after he founded the National Union for Social Justice.
  • The Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl
    The Dust Bowl can also be called the Dirty Thirties. It was the time in the 1930s where there was a drought, which made all of the soil change into dust. Then there was massive wind storms that would blow all of the dust around, creating sicknesses and many people to move.
  • Social Security

    Social Security
    Social Security is a government-based program. Its purpose is to help people who are older, unemployed, or disabled.
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    The Social Securty Act was created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the Great Depression. It was made to give financial assistance to the people that needed it.
  • GM Sit-down Strike

    GM Sit-down Strike
    This sit-down strike wasn Flint, Michigan where the GM workers literally sat down on their jobs. The strike lasted 44 days and gave the United Auto Workers (UAW) industrial union the right to represent and organize its employees.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Rape of Nanjing
    The Rape of Nanjing, also called the Nanjing Massacre, took place after the Japanese captured what was once capital of the Republic of China, Nanjing. Many of Chinese citizens were killed and the Imperial Japanese Army raped 20,000 - 80,000 women.
  • Grapes of Wrath

    Grapes of Wrath
    The Grapes of Wrath is a novel written by John Steinbeckset during the Great Depression. It is based on poor family that has to leave their home in Oklahoma because of the Dust Bowl.
  • Neutrality Acts

    Neutrality Acts
    The Neutrality Acts were a series of acts throughout the 1930s. They limited the United States' involvement in future wars after the response to what the US did during WWI.