100 years of Fashion, Hair, and Cosmetics

  • Hair of the Decade: 1910

    Hair of the Decade: 1910
    1910 hairShort hair was in Style with elaborate head bands.
    Ideal look was "Curtain Hair".
    In the hair, they might wear fake wigs, buns, or curls.
  • Elizabeth Arden

    Elizabeth Arden
    Elizabeth ArdenThis is where to goElizabeth Arden- was one of the new business women in the cosmetics industry. She opened her first salon in 1910 and soon became a house hold name.
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    1910 - 1919s

  • Chanel

    Chanel perfumeChanel became a well known man for his own scents and perfumes from 1914 to 1918.
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  • Hair in 1920s

    Hair in 1920s
    1920s hariphoto source The "Little Boy" hair style was worn by Anita Loos. She wrote the book " Gentel Men Perfer Blonds" and was also a screen writer. Sources: Decades of Beauty Book by Kate Mulvey and Melissa Richards
  • The Eton Crop

    The Eton Crop
    "Eton Crop" 1920s hairMost women would shear their locks this was called the "Eton Crop" main hair style.
  • Make up of the 20s

    Make up of the 20s
    1920s make-upgo here for picture
    Max Factor was a society line of make-up and still is. Max Factor did very well with the helping of the stars looks, it was to remain a tradition until the 1970s.
    Beads were used extensively for fashion apearal and accessories.
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  • Fashion of the 1930s

    Fashion of the 1930s
    1930 backless dressphoto site.The style of the 30s was magical and painted with a light touch. Fashion was heavily influenced by film life. Sometimes they would show bare backs for a bit of a sexier look, with no cleavage showing.
    Large Fur was a big symble in this era too.
  • Hair of the 1930s

    Hair of the 1930s
    1930s hairHair had been still short but not as short as the "Little Boy" but a bit longer with a slight curl. You can now see the fore head and there was no need for hats or turbans.
    Most Popular hair color was Platinum Blond. Dyes were popular,Henna and Bleach being the most common choice. Hair dressers began giving special treatments.
  • Cosmetics in the 30s

    Cosmetics in the 30s
    1930s make-upCosmetics in the 30s became more sophisticated and widely used. Make-up of the 1930s was mad in outrageous colors. Color was often wild and experimental much like the 90s, revival of the 70s and through much of the 30s was mad in outrageous colors; Highly influential in colors and style.
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  • Fashion of 1940s

    Fashion of 1940s
    photo link
    The fashion experiance was dreary during the war. The manufacturing of parachutes used all the silk that would have been used for stockings.
    A 1945 suit- despite the strict regulations people still maintained style.
    Christian Dior gave the fashion world of 1947, in his New Look show, the tonic it needed. He gave women what they craved- femininity, opulence, and an entirely new approach to dressing up.
  • Make up of the 40s

    Leg Make-up became quite the thing during the war due to the shortage of stockings. Women wore socks for casual wear and washed out their stockings at night, but as time went on this seased to be possibl. Many women went to puttin makeup on their legs and drawing a line down the back like a seam.
  • Hair of the Decade

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    Vogue Magazine ran an article during wartime on how to set your own hair. Bogue also ran articles on how it would be nice to have a bath and be clean during the Blitz.
    Hats were worn all the time in the 40s, and they began to have more importance during the war. Turbans were great at the time, often made in cellophane.
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  • Fashion in 1950s

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    After the violent change of the war, women agian had a stabilized role as part o ffthe ideal perfection or excellent family. Society was changing rapidly and the new women wernt far behind.
    The main themes for fashion this decade were femininity and refinement.
  • 50s Hair

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    In the 1950s hair was changed in just about every possible way. In 1950, hair could be bleached, shampooed, and dyed permenently in one step.
    Gentel men did prefer blondes, and three out of every ten brunettes dyed their hair blonde to prove it.
    Revlon came up with hairsprays formulated for different hair types in 1952, Satin-set and Silkinet
  • Cosmetics of the 50s

    Cosmetics of the 50s
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    Cosmetics became necessity for every women during the 50s.
    Eye shadows were absolutely flooding the market with complementry mascaras, lining pencils and eyliner liquids. The colors were often obvious and seem quite tacky to us today.
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  • Sixties Fashion

    Sixties Fashion
    photo linkThe Sixties were the decade of the young. When revolutionary changes in lifestyles were accompanied by equally far-reachin developments in music, the arts, fashion and the media.
    Three of the most well known faces in Vogue were "The Supremes".
    The main fashion break through was the mini. The variations on the theme were numerous, and went from sublime to the ridiculous. Space travel had a huge influence on the fashions of the time too.
  • Sixties Hair

    Sixties Hair
    photolinkTeenage girls loved short hair, and as the fashion spread in America, The New York Times ran a piece that featured six pictures asking which were girls and which were boys.
    Long, straight hair was equally popular. For the first time styles worn by models, singers and fashionable people could be worn by school girls and the young.
    Girls had the money to look like stars, and the stars wanted to look like the girls.
  • Sixties Make-up

    Sixties Make-up
    Sixties Make-up (Twiggy)Costmetics were of the utmost importance throughout the 60s. The 60s look put the accent on looking young, childlike even. Huge wide painted eyes, pale skin, and big pale lips were ideal.
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    Begining of the 1970s

  • Clothing of the 70s

    picture siteinformation found
    Most people whin thinking about 70s fashion immediatly think platform shoes, bell bottom pants and body hugging lycra clothing.
  • Hair of the mid-70s

    Picture found70s Hairstyles
    Hair was long on both Guys and Girls. Hard to tell who was who. Big Hair was popular, Natural look. Straight and curly.
    Long Feathered hairstyles were so popular, also wearing your bangs tucked behind your ears.
  • Clothing types

    Clothing was made of new fabrics like polyester, orlon, nylon, and acetate.
  • Make up of the Decade

    Photo linkuse it
    Though the clothing of the 70s was sort of "out there", the 1970s make up trends of the decade were actually quite subtle.
    Make up was a "nude" color that simply eened the skin tone.
    Women wanted to look "all natural", pretty, playful, and mysterious.
  • 1977 look

    The 1977 look was full bangs and sides that curl back with a curling iron held vertically are reminiscent of 70s hairstyles.
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  • 1980s fashion

    1980s fashion
    Classic KedsFor many girls 80s fashion meant slipping into a pair of Normandy Rose jeans, and oversized sweater, leg warmers and Keds. Which meant "dress to impress".
    Eighties fashion gave us Guess jeans, jelly shoes and bracelets, satin ties, polo shirts (collar up), polka dots and zebra prints.
    During this era large accesories were needed to have high impact. Earrings, necklaces, bangles and bracelets were layered.
  • 1980s Make-up

    Eighties make-up was top level, bright colors, blush and frosted lipstick.
  • 1980s Hair

    1980s Hair
    1980s banana clip"Banana clips" were a popular way for girls to pull back their hair.
    Another popular hairstyle was the jheri curl (a hairstyle that gave a glossy, loosely curled look).
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  • 1990s fashion

    When the 90s arrived nobody wanted anything to do ith the 80s. They wanted something new something distant from the 80s. Slap wristbands or slap bracelets were the perfect accesory for the bored or hyperactive. these slap bracelets came ina wide variety of colors and patterns to match any personality or fashion statement.
  • 1990s Accesories

    Baseball caps, cinch belts, scrunchies. Popular shoes were; Adidas, Air Jordans, Doc Martens, Mary Janes and Converse.
  • 1990s hair and makeup

    1990s hair and makeup
    1990sThe JenniferSome of the hairstyles of the 90s; the flippy updo, cuts with sexy curves, volume overload, the Rachel.
    Make-up was still natural, the no makeup look and the "dewy" look.
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  • Early 2000s

    Early 2000s
    info linkphoto linkinfo linkinfo website
    In the early 2000s, The most common subcultures included the nu-metal fans and goths. Their rivals were the jocks and preppies: who wore expensive designer clothes.
    Hair in the Early 2000s was long and straight, The Rachel haircut was also still very popular.
  • Mid 2000s

    Mid 2000s
    photo linkhref='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000%E2%80%932009_in_fashion' >Link for information</a>In the mid 2000s, from 2003 to 2007 indie culture ent mainstream in both Britain and the US. The other noticeable youth group of this period were the emo kids, identified by their black hoodies, band T-shirts, skinny jeans, lip piercings, and long black bangs.
    Teenaged girls wanted a mor preppy looking hairstyle. This involved long, straight hair, side swept bangs, and a side part, whil boys wore side swept surfer hair.
  • Late 2000s

    Late 2000s
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    In the late 2000s, by 2008, the style was of tripp pants, stripes, tartan, spiky hair, Chucks, Vans, and trucker hats. Also brightly colored dyed hair, skinny jeans, cartoon print hoodies, shutter shades, promise rings and checked shirts. These items were also a trend Ugg Boots, hoodies, hightops, and fake fur.
    Hair was liked to be dark, jet black like katy perry or Amy Winehouse, with "beehive hair".