10 Key Historical Energy Events

  • 100

    Crude Oil

    The Chinese refined crude oil for use in lighting and heating.
  • 200

    Natural Gas

    The Chinese used natural gas to make salt from salt water in gas-fired evaporators.
  • Jan 30, 1300


    The first horizontal-axis windmills appeared in Western Europe.
  • Coal

    Baltimore, Maryland, became the first city to light streets with gas made from coal.
  • Electricity

    Joseph Henry invented the electrical relay.
  • Solar

    Auguste Mouchout was able to convert solar radiation directly into mechanical power.
  • Hydroelectric

    The first dam specifically designed for generating hydropower was completed near Ausin, Texas.
  • Geothermal

    The first dry steam geothermal power plant was built in Landerello in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Nuclear

    The first nuclear powered supmarine, the U.S.S. Nautilus, was launched.
  • Geothermal

    California's geothermal power plants provided 54.9% of the state's electricity.