10 key historical energy events

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    10 Key Historical Energy Events

  • Static Electricty and Lightning

    Static Electricty and Lightning
    Benjamin Franklin discovers Static Electricity and Lightning through his experiments.
  • Steam Energy/Engine

    Steam Energy/Engine
    Nicolas Cugnot creates the first ever self-propelled vehicle. It was basically the first steam engine.
  • First Electric Battery

    First Electric Battery
    Alessandro Volta creates the first electric battery in 1800.
  • First Combustion Engine

    First Combustion Engine
    Eteinne Lenior creates the first combustion engine.
  • First Electric Motor

    First Electric Motor
    A direct current electric motor is created by Thomas Davenport.
  • The Telegraph

    The Telegraph
    Samuel Morse creates the electric telegraph, a machine that could send messages through a long distance.
  • Solar Radiation/Mechanical Power

    Solar Radiation/Mechanical Power
    Auguste Mouchout, a mathematician, converts solar radiation into mecanical power.
  • First Solar cell

    First Solar cell
    Charles Fritts turns the sun's rays to the first solar cell.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry Ford creates the Model T, a flexible fuel vehicle that runs on ethanol and gasoline.
  • First Nuclear Weapon

    First Nuclear Weapon
    The first test of a nuclear weapon happens in New Mexico.