• the era of tight waists

    The 1900's was a fashion era that was taken over by tight wasted frocks and dresses that almosted suficated women.
  • the next era

    In the 1920s the world started moving on to shorter dresses with wider wastes
  • jumpers and skirts

    jumpers and skirts
    The 1940s was the era crazy about jumpers and knee length skirts everybody was in the fashion
  • shorts and frills

    Ten years later in the 1950s shorts and frilly dresses came into fashion
  • colourful

    Another ten years and bright colours sutch as pink ,yellolw,green ,and blue they all came into fashion and the colourful era was funky
  • colours calming down

    1990s and the colours where fading and casual clothes where mainly primary colours sutch as dark blue, and red
  • brand names

    get the labelIn the year 2000 and brand names where a priority in fashion mainly names sutch as nike, adidas, makenzie, carborini, and licoste