009090 Fashion timelin

  • Never Wore Trousers!

    Never Wore Trousers!
    Women never wore trousers ever and they always wore skirts or dresses. Women even wore night gowns in bed when now lots of women and girls wear nighties as they are called now and lots of women and girls wear trousers and tops in bed.
  • Types of dresses!

    Types of dresses!
    There were lots of dresses, morning dresses, afternoon dresses and evening gowns. They were all long and flowing of course and no-one ever wore mini skirts or dresses.
  • Suits

    The suits women wore even had long flowing skirts. They were more of dresses than suits and becasue no women really wore trousers at all so they insisted on having skirts on their suits.
  • Waist size.

    The waist size that most women wished for was 18 inches and so the bought corsets that were 18 inches and they squeezed there ribs and sometimes cut of there blood supply.
  • Gibson Girl Hair

    Gibson Girl Hair
    Gibson Girl Hair PageThe gibson girl hairstyle is a sort of twisty bun on the side of your head that was really fashionable, weather you would just wear it out or casually around the house.
  • dresses

    Most of the dresses people wore had very very thin waists due to the thin corsets and long flowing skirts thee very thin waists on the corsets were bad for everyone.
  • Flared Trousers

    Flared trousers were worn a lot by men they wore them or most everywhere, like if they were going out anywhere thats what they would where they would most probably where flared trousers in the house aswell.
  • Platform shoes.

    Platform shoes were very popular in the 70's, although men wore them a lot more than women, thye would where them with there flared trousers.
  • Crazy Colours

    They loved bright colours in the 70's they would wear everything with bright colours and crazy patterns such as stripes spots and various others.
  • Wooly Jumpers

    Wooly jumpers were very popular with the people in the 70's they were of course brightly colourd and had very intricate designs; a popular branch of jumpers is Bill Gib.
  • Hot Pants

    Hot pants came in around this time and they were popular with the teenagers and the adults but not so mutch kids. They would wear them over tights and leggings but they would also wear them with high over knee brightly colourd socks.
  • Maxi Dresses

    Maxi dresses were very popular with the women of the 70's they were long dresses that trailed to near the floor and as well as people loving the short hot pants they liked to keep the long flowing skirts as well.