• Invasion of Poland

    Invasion of Poland
    Who: Germany Invated Polland
    What&Why:The decision for Hitler to invade Polland was a gamble. Hitler wanted to gain more control, and Hitler gave many reasons to invade polland, one was to gain more power for Germany, to give Germans lebensraum in Eastern Europe, and to pervent an anti-german alliance.Those are just a few of many.
    Interesting fact: Pollands army was defeated within weeks.
    Impact on the war: It started WWll
  • Period: to


  • Britian and France Declare War

    Britian and France Declare War
    Who:Britian. France, Germany
    What:No actual fighting took place just help was called.
    Why:Britain and France had sworn to defend Poland. Honoring these obligations, the two countries sent ultimatums to Hitler demanding his withdrawal from Poland.
    Interesting Fact: No fighting actually happened
    Impact on War:Kept the war going, joining more and more people into it.
    Impact On War:
  • Hitler Incades France

    Hitler Incades France
    Who:Germany and France
    What:Hitler sent in air forces to destroy france
    Why:Hitler invaded France partly to gain revenge for Germany's defeat in World War I and because France Had declared war on Germany
    Interesting Fact: 390,000 soldiers were killed defending
    Impact on War:Germany won against France.
  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    Miracle at Dunkirk
    Who:France, Britian, and Germany
    What:They were destroyed by Germany, some of the french andBelgian armies were traped by the port of Dunkirk. Britian decided to evacuate them from sea.
    Where:Coast of France, near Dunkrikin
    Why:Resue of allied troops trapped by German forces on the coast of france.
    Interesting Fact:navy and civilians evacuated nearly 340,000 men straight from the beaches.
    Impact on War:enable nearly 200,000 British soldiers to escape capture.
  • Battle Of Britain

    Battle Of Britain
    Who:Germany and Britian
    What:Germany Bombed Britain as a prelvde to invade Britian. Against the odds, Britian fought off the attack.
    Why:Britain declared war on Nazi Germany in September 1939 following it's attack upon Poland, a British Ally.
    Interesting Fact: The battle of britian was a close fought battle.
    Impact on War:The Battle of Britain marked the first defeat of Hitler's military forces, with air superi
    Impact on the war:The london Blitz occured during the battle of Britian
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Who&what&why: The harbor in Hawaii where Japan bombed the pacific fleet of the U.S Navy in
  • USA enters the war

    USA enters the war
    The Breaking point for US entering WWll was the sudden attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. They were then left with no choice but to attack. On December 7, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, provoking a declaration of war against the island nation, and four days later Germany and Italy declared war against the United States.
    Interesting fact-In December 1941, only one congressman opposed the declaration of war
  • Battle Of Midway

    Battle Of Midway
    Who:Japan and the US
    What:planned to lure the American carriers to their death, which would leave the Hawaiian Islands and the whole west coast open to Japanese invasion. Destroying the American Carriers would also prevent an American invasion of the Japanese mainland. They were not Successful
    Where:MidwayWhy:Japan wanted midway to use it as a military baseNOROOMFORINTERESTINGF
    Impact onwar:The Battle of Midway was a strong US victory which caused Japan's invasion fleet to return to its home port
  • Raid On Dieppe

    Raid On Dieppe
    Who:Canadian Troops and Germany were defending deippe
    What:Thought it would give troops valid tranning and good for future experance
    Where:Coast of France.
    Why:Canada took the lead and the tremendous loss of life and its failure. Dieppe was only intended to be a raid and not stay but the majority of the attacking force did not get off the beach. Many were captured as well.
    Interseting Fact:a Second World War Allied attack on the German-occupied port of Dieppe.
  • Battle Of Stalingrad

    Battle Of Stalingrad
    who: Between Germany&the USSR
    What:The USSR won the battle and on the offensive driving Germany out of the USSR and eastern Europe.
    Why:When german forces arrived in Stalingrad, they might have been able to conquor the city in one sweep. Instead, Russian troops held a small area at the riverside, in the rumble created by the german aerial strikes.
    Interesting fact:it was a turning point for WWll
    Impact on the war:The battle at Stalingrad bled the German army dry in Russia.
  • D-Day

    Who&What:The begining of the allied counter of fensice in western Europe of the west coast of france, and began to push back German occupantion of Europe
    Where:France’s northwest coast
    Why:It was the initial step in "Operation Overlord".It was for the World War II Allies to open a second front in the war against Nazi Germany and to liberate Western Europe from the Nazis’ grip.
    Interesting Fact:It was largest amphibious military landing in history
    Impact on the war:Made Germans surrender.
  • End of World War II in Europe

    End of World War II in Europe
    Who: Europe&Germany
    What:Allies bombed the German city of Dresden, killing approximately 35,000 civilians. Hitler killed himself Germany than surrenderd
    Why:The War Ended in Europe When the Russians took Berlin
    Interesting Fact:World War II resulted in an estimated 55 million deaths worldwide
    Impact on War:It ended it
  • A-Bomb dropped ono Nagasaki

    A-Bomb dropped ono Nagasaki
    Who:Us, Japan
    What: They Dropped the bomb on Nagasaki to defat more of Japan, and make them surrender and days later Japan did.
    Why:They dropped it to make japan surrender and they were successful
    Interesting fact:60,000-80,000 died instantly 10000-20000 by radiation
    Impact on war:Made japan surrender
  • End of World War ll

    End of World War ll
    Who:Japan&The U.S
    What:WW2 ended with the dropping of 2 Atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. than japan surrended bringing WWll to a close.
    Where:Hiroshima& Nagasaki-- Japan
    Why:Because japan bombed Pearl Harbor
    Interesting Fact:the United States Marine Corps accepted the surrender of more than 500,000 Japanese troops in mainland China.
    Impact on war:It ended it
  • A-Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

    A-Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima
    Who:US and Japan
    What:The us had been the first to make a atomic bomb and their target was hiroshima and even though they bombed and kille dthousands it was not enough to make japan surrender
    Why:They wanted to create a new weapon against Japan to make it so bad so they win against them
    Interesting Fact:Us was the first to make a nucular weapon
    Impact on war:Really destroyed nature and kept the fight going between the us and japan