• Battle of Britain

    through October 31 1940. Germany vs. Britain. There were targeted airfields which led to bombing both sides. Germany had more planes and pilots however Britain won! This occured in the air above South England. England was Germany's last enemy after the fall of France. After Britain won Germany stopped fighting because they did not have enough flying combat.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    It began 6-22-41. Germany, Soviet Union, Hitler and Frederick Barbarossa were all involved. Code name for Germany's invasion on the SU (soviet union). 4 Million soldiers of Axis Powers invaded the USSR in Russia. Hitler wanted to defeat comunism in USSR, take over land, use SU for slave labor & have fields in Ucraine and all fields in Cavows could be handy. Leningrad, Moscow & Stalingrad were under threat. Moscow defended successfully, Leningrad was besieged for 2 years & Stalingrad= Gs repulsed
  • Pearl Harbor

    Sunday at 7:55 AM Japanese naval pilots bombed the U.S. part of oearl harbor. Two waves of Japanese planes attacked from the East and West. P.H. Ohau Hawaii. Japanese wanted to take out the priority of the U.S. Navy because the U.S. had stopped any natural resources from being traded with Japan and U.S. froze Japanese finances in the U.S. Banks. This officially dragged the U.S.A into World War II
  • Bataan Death March

    Began on 4-9-45. Including the Imperical Japanese Army, POWs, Filipinos and Americans.2,500-10,000 Filipino & 100-650 American POWs died before reaching Camp O'Donnel. This Started from Mariveles Bataan to San Fernando Pampanga. The Japanse Army was charged with a Japanese war-crime for wide-ranging physical abuse & murder. 60-80,000 Filipino & American POWs after a 3 month Battle
  • Operation Overlord (code name for the Battle of Normandy)

    throught August 30, 1944. Involved General Dwight Eisenhoner & Mill Troops. German forces under increasing pressue from all sides & great effort by Allied forces proved decisions. This happened in Western Europe, Normandy Landings, English Channel and France. This was a way for the begining of the End for Hitler & his Army in Europe. These were the first steps towards liberation of Western Europe & defeat of Nazi Germany
  • Battle of Bulge

    through Jan. 25 1945. Germans, French, the UK, Belgium, Luxenbourg, Canada and the Americas who tried to stop it. Allies airforces= grounded by bad weather. Gs blocked key roads around so allies can't escape. General George S. Patton's 3rd army got good weather= attack on G forces & supplies. Ardwannes Forest region of Wallonia in Belgium France and Luxem on Western Front towards the end of WWII. Gs attacked so USA wants peace. G attacked in Italy. Germany's last try to push out the Allies= fail
  • Yalta Conference

    2-4-45 through 2-11-45. Involving UK, Soviet Union, Prime Minister Wingston Churchill, General Secretary Joseph Stalin, President FDR. Meant to discuss re-establishment of war-torn Europe. Yalta was a subject of intense controversy. It is still controversal to an extent. In Crimea Conference) In Ukraine (Russian Resort Town). Codename: Argonaut Conference
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    through March 26 1945. (Operation Detachment) Battle between The Imperial Japanese Army and the Americans. This was the first American attack on Japan home territory. The U.S. Navy & Marine Corps aviatures had complete air supremecy over Iwo Jima from the begining of the Battle. Over and around Japan. J was angry that A had control over air supermacy. Air and sea could deliver fire onto J troops. 22,000 J soldiers= 216 prisoners the rest killed, missing or presumed dead. US Flag on mt. Suribachi
  • V.E. Day

    United Kingdom, Germany, France(Europe) and USA were involved. Victory over Europe day, WWII Allies cormally accepted unconditional surrender. In Europe. This was the day Europe won to end Hitler's Third Reich. In the end Hitler's Third Reich was ended. This is a celebration or holiday to people
  • Dropping the Atomic Bombs

    8-6-45=Hiroshima 8-9-45=Nagasaki between Japan & North America. A dropped atomic bombs on H & N killing 90,000-166,000 for H. 60,000-80,000 for N. This happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. This was a way of trying to end the war and get Japan to stop attacking everyone. This ended the war. The Official Japan Surrender was on August 15, 1945
  • V-J Day (Victory Over Japan Day)

    (established) Between Japan, U.S., Americas & Eastern Pacific Islands. Formal surrender ceremony performed in Tokyo Bay, Japan aboard the Battleship USS Missouri. This is celebrated all over the world to commemorate the people & soldiers for what they did. This is also known as Memorial Day.