WW2 Meghan

  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    German units invade Poland from three different directions (blitzkrieg) m.ain attack on Polish border
  • Germany attacks France

    Germany attacks France
    France initally thought Germany was attacking from Belgium but the Germans changed course and went for a region southeast of Belgium.
  • Churchill

    When Winston Churchill becomes prime minister of Britain.
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    When Churchill offically anounced that France had surrendered to Germany and it was up to Britain to beat the Germans. So it is now The Battle of Britain instead of The Battle of France.
  • Lend Lease Act

    Lend Lease Act
    This is when president F.D.R. said America would help out Britain and other nations that were deemed as "vital to the defence of the US".
  • Hitler Takes Over The Balkans

    Hitler Takes Over The Balkans
    The attack against the Balkans for the Romainian oil supply.
  • German Blitzkrieg on Soviet Union

    German Blitzkrieg on Soviet Union
    Germany attacks Russsia with tanks, airforce, and men loaded and ready to fire. Both sides were ordered not to retreat and many lives were lost due to the cold.
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor

    Bombing of Pearl Harbor
    US naval ships are attacked on the island of Oahu, Hawaii by Japan. (suprise other words we were not at war with them till they bombed us).
  • Formation of the U.N.

    Formation of the U.N.
    Led by F.D.R 26 nations agreed to fight against the Axis powers in order to win the war.
  • Battle of El Alamein

    Battle of El Alamein
    There were two battles one fought, both in Eygpt at a well knwn railroad station. This is were the "Desert Fox" comes in.
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Battle of Stalingrad
    A major battle in WWII where Germany tried to take control of Stalingrad in order to starve out the city/nation.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    Concidered one of the turning points in the war when US naval ships and airforce fought Japan and destroyed their naval ships.
  • Guadalcanal

    The US airforce brutally attacked the Japanese in order to win Guadalcanal.
  • Japanese internment camps

    Japanese internment camps
    Over 127,000 Japanese citazens were imprisoned in the US...for being Japanese.
  • McArthur’s plan for Japan

    McArthur’s plan for Japan
    This is where McArthus came up with island hoping which is where you take over one island at a time untill they are all yours and you win the war against Japan.
  • Tehran Conference

    Tehran Conference
    The Tehran Conference was a meeting between U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin in Tehran, Iran, between November 28 and December 1, 1943.
  • D-Day

    The turning point in the WWII, turning in favor of the Allies. ( When the ships and men ran across the beaches of Germany).
  • Yalt Conference

    Yalt Conference
    Held Feb 4-11 At Yalta, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin made important decisions regarding the future progress of the war and the postwar world.
  • F.D.R.'s Death

    F.D.R.'s Death
    He died in his home in Warm Springs Georgia. Also known as the "Little White House". Died of polio.
  • Mussolini’s assassination

    Mussolini’s assassination
    The people revolted against Mussolini and kill hime because they are tired of being under his fascitst rule.
  • Hitler's suicide

    Hitler's suicide
    After the Hitler recived a note saying the Allies were drawing up the papers for surrender (for Germany) becasue of the Allies most recent win, he killed himself and his wife while hiding in a bomb-proof bunker.
  • Holocaust

    I put may because thats when Hitler came to its not totally acurate. The Holoaust was the mass slaughter of jews, gypsies, and anyone deemed not like the Nazi group.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
    When Churchill, Stalin, and President Trumen met to discuss the terms for the end of WWII.
  • Atomic Bomb- Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Atomic Bomb- Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    The United Stated dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan. Bombs nickname "Little Boy"
  • Nuremburg Trials

    Nuremburg Trials
    The United States former Nazi's on trail to pay for their wrongs.
  • Stalin attacks Finland

    Stalin attacks Finland
    When Stalin (the leader of the Soviet Union) attacksFinland he is expelled from the League of Nations because his act was deemed illegal.
  • Cold War

    Cold War
    The "war" between the Soviet Union and the US. It was more of an armsrace to see who could get to space first and who had the best technology.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    This was the way the US would drop off supplies for the democratic side of Berlin so nothing could go in or out of the communist side.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan, or the ERP (Eurpoe Recovery Program) was the United States plan to aid Eurpoe after the devestation of WWII.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The wall that sperated east and west Berlin because one side was communist and the other democratic. This lasted 28 years.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    During the Cold War the US had missiles pointed at the Soviet Union in Turkey so they partnered with Cuba and pointed missoles at Florida.