ww2 in 50 minutes

  • Hitler apporinted Reich Chancellor of Germany

  • Gestapo formed

  • Hindenburg dies, hitler becomes head of state and commander-in-chief

  • Jews removed from military

  • Burning of bookd written by Jews

  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    germany invades poland......
  • Period: to

    ww2 overview

  • The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project
    1939 - Before the war in 1939, a group of American scientists (many of them refuges from Europe) become concerned with nuclear weapons reasearch being conducted in Nazi Germany 1940 - U.S. Government begins funding its own atomic weapons development program. 1940 - U.S Army Corps Engineers assigned the task of constructing vast facilities necessary for the top-secret program, codenamed "The Manhattan Project"
  • Winston Churchill

    -Appointed Prime Minister of Great Britian
  • Winston Chruchill

    -Chruchill makes his 'finest hour' speech to the House of Commons
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    America stops Japan exporting
  • Hitler began planning to invade Russia

    Hitler began planning to invade Russia
  • Hitler betrays Joseph Stalin

    Hitler betrays Joseph Stalin
  • Winston Churchill

    • Churchill organises an agreement to ally with the Soviet Union
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    started on the 22 june 1941 Hitler wanted to take over Russia to have more land, gain resources, use the population as slaves.
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    July- America stops Japan importing April- Signage of treaty
  • Wearing of Star of David

    Wearing of Star of David
    The Jewish living in the baltic states were forced to wear the star of david so that people could recognise that they were jewish. This continued throughout greater Reich in september and slowly became inforced in many areas
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    Japanese expansion
  • Jewish people begin to be deported from germany

    Jewish people begin to be deported from germany
    The deportation begins. The jewish poeple were nearly all sent to ghettos or killing centres.
    More deportation continured particulary 1944 May-June where 476,000 Jewish people were deported then murdered by gassing
  • Massacre in Odessa

    Massacre in Odessa
    The massacre in odessa killed 34,000 jewish.
    Some other massacres are:
    Kiev 34,000 jewish people killed
    Rovno 15,000 jewish people killed
  • Pearl Harbour

    Pearl Harbour
    Military plan
  • Pearl Harbor

    How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the outcome of ww2? Long Term effects of bombing Pearl Harbor? Why did the attack happen? Who was involved? When did the even happen?
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    U.S Oil Afthermath of attack: American Casualties Effects on Environment Major turning point in WW2
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    President Franklin D Roosevelt sings the declaration of war against Japan
  • 30.000 Australian soldiers became prisioners of the Changi war camp

    30.000 Australian soldiers became prisioners of the Changi war camp
    Over 30 000 Australian became prisoners of war (POWs). Over two-thirds were taken prisoner by the Japanese at the beginning of 1942. The remaining third were taken prisoner by the Vichy Regime and the Germans,
  • Belzec death camp opened

    Belzec death camp opened
    Jewish people were sent to death camps for mass killings.
    Another 3 major death camps opened up after Belzec. Including: Sorbibor, Treblinka and Auschwitz.
  • Battles in Papua New Guinea begin

    Battles in Papua New Guinea begin
    • Part of the Pacfic War
  • Japanese forces advance

    Japanese forces advance
    -Advance South
    -Clash with Australian forces
  • Austrlians attempt to recapture Kokoda

    Austrlians attempt to recapture Kokoda
    -Unsuccessful in their attempt
  • Forced prisoners to sign promising to not attempt escape

    In August 1942, they forced prisoners to sign a statement promising not to attempt to escape. All prisoners refused to sign. Despite their protest, the men who did attempt to escape were summarily executed.
  • Japanese attempt to advance

    Japanese attempt to advance
    -Australia mount series of delaying actions,, allowing them to retreat
  • Command changes hand

    Command changes hand
    • Arnold Potts hands command over to Porter
    • Who then had to withdraw to Ioribawa
  • Reinforcements arrive

    Reinforcements arrive
    -The 25th Brigade and 7th Division arrive
  • Australia are forced to reatreat again

    Australia are forced to reatreat again
    -They retreat to the Imita Ridge
    -They had to climb 2,000 stairs
  • Japanese soldiers withdraw

    Japanese soldiers withdraw
    -In an attempt to establish the North Coast
  • Australians recapture Kokoda

    Australians recapture Kokoda
    -They pushed the Japanese soldiers back out of the Kokoda trail
  • Allied forces attack Japanese beachheads

    Allied forces attack Japanese beachheads
    • Creating a battle later known as the battle of Buna Gona
  • Winston Chirchilll

    Winston Chirchilll
    "V sign"
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Began.
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    On that day many jews where captured and considerable stores of incendiary bottles, hand grenades, ammunition, military tunics, and equipment where found.
  • Ghetto uprising

    Ghetto uprising
    One Jew who had escaped from Lublin was caught just outside of the Ghetto wall. He was armed as follows: 1 08 pistol, ample reserve ammunition, 2 Polish "pineapple" hand grenades.
  • D-day Landing

    As a lead up to D-day a US conference in Morocco agreed to establish a new body know as the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander
  • Ghetto uprising

    Considerable amounts of food were captured or secured, in order to make it more and more difficult for them to get necessary food.
  • ghetto uprising

    Of the bandits who resisted, some again wore German military uniform, German steel helmets and "knobelbecher."
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    Warsaw Ghetto Uprising finished
  • Ghetto uprising WHAT WHATTT

    20 jews were killed during the the germans raids of the ghetto uprising, hunderds were cuptured and then executed.
  • Australians in Changi gone

    Australians in Changi gone
    In February 1942 there were around 15,000 Australians in Changi; by mid-1943 less than 2,500 remained.
  • D-day Landing

    The countown to D-day began in January 1943
  • Winston Chruchilll

    -Churchill, Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin meet at the Tehran Conference
  • D-day Landing

    The landings undoubtebly speeded the defeat of the Nazi Germany
  • D-Day Landing

    D-day is another name for 'The Normandy Landings" which was codenamed Operartion Neptune
  • D-day Landing

    British, American, Canadian, Australian and French landed to invade Normandy
  • D-day Landing

    The landings were conducted in 2 phases, an airborn assault and an Amphibious landing
  • D-day Landing

    D-day remains the greatest amphibious assault of all time.
  • D-day landing

    To iNvade Germany in Normandy, USA and Britian first had to work together To defeat Nothern Europe
  • D-day Landing

    The operation was to land large numbers of troops on the other side of the English Channel
  • D-day Landing

    The allies were helped by 100,000 memebers of the French Resistance
  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill
    Yalta Conference
  • Winston Churchill

    • Churchill orders the creation of “Operation Unthinkable”,
  • Winston Churchill

    -British and US bombers attacked the German city of 'Dresden'
  • The Truman Administration

    The Truman Administration
    • Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States when President Roosevelt died. Truman served in WW1 in France as an artillery officer.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler Commits Suicide
    Adolf Hitler commited sucide in his underground air raid shelter. He swallowed a cyanide capsule and then shot himself in the head. He sucided with his wife, who he had only married two days pryer to the event. Hitler was not officially claimed dead until 1956.
  • Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill
    -Churchill announces the German surrender to the British people.
  • Germany surrenders to Russia

  • Winston Churchill

    • Churchill loses 1945 Election and becomes Opposition Leader
  • The Trinity Test

    The Trinity Test
    • Over the past several years, the program's scientists worked on producing the key materials for nuclear fission: uranium and plutonium
      • More than 20 laboratories and sites with more that 130,000 people were eventually involved in the program.
    • At 5:30am on the 16th July, 1945 Los Alamos scientists detonated the plutonium bomb at the test site located at the U.S Air Force Base at Alamogordo, New Mexico.
  • The Potsdam Declaration

    The Potsdam Declaration
    • The Potsdam Declaration is a statement calling for Japan to surrender. On the 26th of July, 1945 the document was issued, outlining terms of surrender for the Empire of Japan, and if Japan did not surrender it would face "prompt and utter destruction".
  • Winston Chruchill

    -Chruchill loses 1945 election
  • The "Little Boy"

    The "Little Boy"
    • Loaded onto a modified B-29 Bomber at the U.S base at Tinian.
    • At 8:15am on August 6th, 1945 the atomic bomb known as the "Little Boy' was dropped by parachute and exploded 2,000 feet about Hiroshima.
    • The "Little Boy" death toll.
    • Although the devastation of Hiroshima, it failed to elict Japan's surrender.
  • The "Fat Man"

    The "Fat Man"
    • On August 9th, 1945 at 11:02am Major Charles Sweeny flew another B-29 bomber dropped the atomic bomb known as the "Fat Man" on Nagasaki.
    • The Nagasaki death toll.
  • Japan's Surrender

    Japan's Surrender
    • On August 15th, 1945 Emperor announced his countries surrender.
  • Changi prisoners freed

    Japan surrendered to the Allies after the US Air Force dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By September, the prisoners had been freed from Changi.
  • The Formal Surrender Agreement

    The Formal Surrender Agreement
    • The formal surrender agreement was signed on the 2nd of September, onboard the U.S Aircraft carrier Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay
  • Germany Disadvantaged

    Germany Disadvantaged
  • troops sent home

    5th indian divison came and sent troops home