• Nazi's take Chechoslovakia

    March 15 nazi forces occupy Chechoslovakia
  • Nazis invade poland

    Nazi forces occupy West poland and leave East poland for Soviet occupation.
  • Nazis invade France

    Nazi forces invade france and occupy 2/3 of france
  • Battle of Britan

    Nazi forces Bomb london and the luftwaffe if defeated by outnumbered RAF forces.
  • Battle of the Bismark

    German warship Bismark sinks the pride of the royal navy the ".ss hood" The bismark is then sunk days later by royal airforce.
  • Nazis attack Soviet union

    Nazi forces break the USSR Nazi pact and attack the soviet union
  • Lenningrad

    Nazi forces seige lenningrad
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japanese forces bomb The american naval base at hawaii and cripple the U.S navy. The U.S enters the war the next morning.
  • Stalingrad

    Nazi forces take staligrad. Stalingrad is liberated november 19th by the U.S.S.R
  • Nazis surrender in North africa

    Allied troops liberate All of North Africa from Nazi occupation.
  • Allies take hold in Sicily

    Allied forces liberate Sicily.
  • Allies Liberate Italy

    Allied forces Liberate Italy from Facist Italian rule.
  • Soviet advance

    Soviet forces reclaim lost russian territory and liberate Poland.
  • D-Day

    Allies invade Normandy France by amphibious assault on Omaha Beach.
  • Liberation of Paris

    Allied forces liberate Paris from Nazi occupation.