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  • The Battle of Bulge

    The Battle of Bulge
    The Battle of Bulge began on December 16th, 1944, when the German started with a large artillery bombardment on the 6th Panzer Army’s front. The German’s goal was to capture Antwerp, which would result in splitting American and British armies in the area, and would deny seaport to the Allies. The Allies counter attacked the Germans. On December 24th, due to the lack of fuel and ammunition the leader of the German army, Von Manteuffel, asked for permission to abort but Hitler denied. The Allies w
  • Yalta Conference

    Yalta Conference
  • Dresden Bombing

    Dresden Bombing
  • The Battle of Berlin

    The Battle of Berlin
  • Liberation of Buchenwald

    Liberation of Buchenwald
  • The Battle of Seelow Heights

    The Battle of Seelow Heights
  • Death of Mussolini

    Death of Mussolini
    As the Allies fought their way to Italian peninsula, and the defeat of the Axis powers was certain. Mussolini didn’t want to fall into the hands of either the British or the Americans, and he knew that the communist partisans in the north would label him as a war criminal. He decided to escape to a neutral country. He tried to escape to Switzerland but they didn’t know they crossed to the pariston side, so when they arrived they were shot and then hanged.
  • Death of Hitler

    Death of Hitler
  • Final German Surrender

    Final German Surrender
  • Berlin Declaration

    Berlin Declaration
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
  • Liberation of Auschwitz

    Liberation of Auschwitz
  • Paris Peace Treaties

    Paris Peace Treaties